Would you buy authenticated chanel with out serial inside?

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  1. I purchased a black caviar flap with shw in very good condition from Boutique Patina (paid to have another party authentic it) it was a good price for this classic and I have been looking a long time for a pre-loved. I have 3 days to decide once it arrives but now I am second guessing myself about not having the serial sticker inside the bag. I want to pass the bag on to my daughter some day. Wondering if the price reflected not having the serial number inside the listing said it was rubbed off and lost by original owner. I trust it is an authentic chanel but why does not having this sticker bug me so much? Anyone else purchase a pre-owned without the serial?
  2. honestly, it wouldn't bother me. boutique patina is a very reputable seller and you already got it authenticated again so there's no doubt it's 100% authentic. the serial sticker is just one of the details people look at to determine whether a bag is authentic, it's not the only thing but i know people place a lot of value on the sticker. my question is.... what is your immediate reaction when you see the bag?? if you absolutely love it then the missing serial sticker shouldn't sway your overall feeling for the bag in my opinion! just enjoy it! and i'm sure your daughter will love this bag when she gets it one day. :smile:
  3. I agree with ceedoan
    Also to add, if you're looking to resell it then you can always buy a separate third party auth certificate to help with your sale, but if you're planning to keep it and pass it on then it doesn't matter
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  4. Thank you both for your input I kept the bag it was in too good condition to pass up I have authentication from 3 different places and have the paperwork saved it will be going to my daughter someday. I will never find a m/l black caviar with shw in this condition at the price I paid so now very comfortable with my decision.
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  5. It honestly doesn't matter if you love the bag :smile: That's all that counts.
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