Would you buy another St.Louis tote?

  1. I would. I have the GM black on black, and am eyeing on one of the special colors ... like err yellow :smile:
  2. The yellow is such a fun cheery color :smile: I've heard it looks even better in person.
  3. I am new to Goyard. Haven't seen one. Do they have cracking problems? They said LV Neverfull had cracking problems in the Damier Ebene, but i have the bag and never had an issue. So does Goyard St Louis have these issues?
  4. Some would say they have had issues with cracking.... I have not and recently purchased my second St. Louis!!!:smile:
  5. I have a black on black, and it still looks good, but that could probably be because I don't use it that often. I would buy another though, aiming for one in blue.
  6. Absolutely! My navy PM has been in constant use for three years and shows no wear with none of the problems others have mentioned.
    My only regret is I don't have more cws.

    I usually have a small Prada messenger inside as a bag insert to keep the all my bits & pieces in order. As I load up through out the day, the messenger comes out & goes over my shoulder.

    We hit a lot of antique shows. It's a great under the radar antiquing bag. The people who know take you seriously & the people who don't leave you alone. Sometimes if our surroundings are a bit dubious I'll tuck the corners in behind the shoulder straps covered by my arm to protect the contents. A nylon rain coat does the same thing if we've picked up a lot of stuff.

    Also DH thinks it looks gender neutral & will happily take his turn when it's heavy.
  7. Update: I have been wearing my St. Louis tote a lot since I got it and I really love how comfortable and light weight this style is. I definitely would buy another one:smile:
  9. I am excited for you:smile: You are going to really like this bag:smile:
  10. Wish I could find one. They don't sell them in Greece and I haven't seen it IRL. I might get preloved if I find one.
  11. Want a second one - want a classic color, have the black, thinking of red or white.
  12. Definitely!!! I have a white PM, now I want a GM one, in either gray or blue :smile:
  13. Absolutely! I have a navy PM that is about five years old which has had constant use. It has softened a bit but still looks amazing with none of the issues that some other people have described. Tried to get another in grey last time in Paris but they weren't available.

    Would love either the grey or the SI pink.