Would you buy and wear these?

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  1. They are cute, but I wouldn't buy them full price. Her shoes are vegan and devoid of animal products and I don't see myself spending that much on faux shearling.
  2. I wouldn't buy them especially at retail but I would certainly wear them. They are cute!
  3. they're cute but at that price, i'd rather just do uggs. really.
  4. ^Yep
  5. i would rather not
  6. UGGs are cute but because they're really thick (and of course warm), they make my already not-tall legs look even shorter. These, on the other hand, look quite flattering on me. :P
  7. Nope...they just look like a pair of overpriced UGGs with a buckle
  8. Nope, I don't care for "comfy" boots. I wouldn't wear those boots or anything similar.
  9. Well, then that is a great reason to buy them if the cost isn't prohibitive for you. Think about how and where you are going to wear them before you drop that much cash on a comfort boot. If you are like me and only plan to wear them indoors or under pants to run errands I wouldn't do it. If on the other hand you intend to wear them and show them off, go for it!

  10. I'm quite undecided on it. While I'm prepared to wear them out and about, I'm not sure if they would look terrific on me. :graucho:
  11. they are cute, i'd wear them, but would hope to buy on sale and not full price
  12. I think they are cute, but expensive for what they are... I will just stick with my UGGs too...
  13. Not worth the price, they look too much like UGGs to me.
  14. I need to find the person who invented the Uggs and strangle them! I really hate this sort of boots and I don't think they look flattering on any shape or form of legs