Would you buy an authentic B bag from a seller with no feedback?

  1. If the bag is indeed authentic which it does seem to be, is there any contingency plans that can be put in place for a potential buyer?

    I know everyone has to start somewhere, but is this a 'stay away at all costs' situation :shrugs: or can a deal be struck to avoid being taken? e.g. pay into escrow and the bag is then sent and upon delivery the money is released to the seller ?

    (I don't even know if that idea exists for eBay).
  2. NO........ too afraid of a switch, besides i've heard enough horror stories from this forum alone to even think about it.....
  3. It really depends I think...

    I know that a member of TPF is selling a couple of her bags at the moment and doesnt have any feedback.

    I wouldnt hesitate to buy from her. I think you suss people out quite well through email etc before you decide to go ahead...
  4. I agree wit fashion-cult...there is a lovely PF'er selling some Bbags at present :smile: Yes, we do have to start somewhere. If you pay by PayPal and get a tracking number, there should be absolutely no problem :smile:

    p.s. Ask her for her PF'er ID...
  5. Really depends too...unless this seller is a member of TPF, maybe i will but normally i will try not to buy it from them as there are too much risks and i have no confidence towards them..........also, eBay has too many scammers.....it's really hard for me to convince myself on this area.....:greengrin: :greengrin: :greengrin:
  6. Yes I agree with KDC.

    Paypal is the only way I would pay for something that costs that much...
  7. Sorry to sound daft, but in what way is paypal a guarantee for the buyer? Will they refund the buyer if the item is not sent or if the item received is something else? Just wondering how easy it is to get refunded (should something go wrong).

    The seller has not stated that she is from TPF and unfortunately, I have not been on TPF long enough to qualify for buying B bags direct via the forum : ((
  8. Basically, if you pay VIA Paypal, you are covered if you dont recieve the item.

    This happened to me when I purchased a sunglasses case and it never arrived.

    I filed a complaint with Paypal, and they then got involved and instigated a refund with the seller.

    I think also that if the seller doesnt refund and you dont get your item you can be reimbursed for part or full of your money.

    Sometimes it is hard and it takes a while, but in the end you do get your money back...
  9. I see thanks. I had a bad situation years ago where the seller sent the item with a delivery confirmation. When I got home I opened the box and instead of seeing my paid for item, the box contained some old sweaters :cursing: I had paid via Paypal and didn't get the $$$ back. I think it was because the seller used that confirmation as their argument that the paid for item was sent and I signed for it (crafty). (the seller has since been removed from eBay but the $$ didn't come back).
  10. Awww... thats crap!

    Paypal has been good for me so far, and I feel 'fairly' safe using them for now.

    Better than a wire transfer and other methods.
  11. Did you try emailing the seller? Maybe you can talk to them about it? As long as the auction or bag don't look suspicous I'm sure it should be ok.
  12. I wouldn't unless it was a PF'er that posts regulary and had been a member for a while.
  13. similar thing happened to my husband who paid for a car part via paypal! Never got the money back from paypal though the seller sent a box full of COPY PAPER!!! to make it feel heavy! And the delivery confirmation was his proof of sending the item to us! :cursing:

    I don't think I would buy an expensive item like a bbag from a seller with no feedback unless I was certain it was truly a tPFer who had a good reputation on this forum... Too much money at risk!
  14. I personally wouldn't. Better safe than sorry, especially with hard-earned money I can't afford to lose. I do agree that everyone has to start somewhere, so I would suggest newbie Ebay sellers to start small, such as selling some paperbacks or unused DVD's :smile:
  15. Well, personally it's safer to pay via paypal but with confirmed addresses.....at least when u don't receive the item, paypal can pay u a sum of money but not a lot...but i think is still better than wire transfer or other payment modes....Also, i agreed with shortee78, probably u start buying them from small amt and get the trust from one another before u spluge ur hard-earned $$ later once u found out the seller is reliable.....:yes: :yes: