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  1. New and current Coach item on ebay? First I would like to mention that I searched using some of the words and could not find a thread with this question. If there is my apologies.

    Anyway, would any of you consider buying a new and current Coach bags from ebay? Assuming it is authentic of course. Now my concern is that if there is a defect or problem I might not be able to prove to the store where I bought it and Coach may not honor any warranty, or would they?

    I have purchased used Coach bags on ebay but I have always known that it is on me whatever I get after I get it or even if it happens to me but new current styles (meaning that the bag is still on stores) I have never done it.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!!! :biggrin:
  2. I think that if you could get the actual receipts, and that they have a good return policy that I would.

  3. That is what I thought too but the seller claims that she does not have it which I think it is not true because she is selling other items was well still with tags on.
  4. Could she somehow get another receipt issued? She could ask to have her purchase looked up and the receipt reprinted. I don't think I'd do it without a receipt. Do people buy expensive items and not save the receipt for a little while?

    Does it still have the tags?


  5. It does still have the tags. I have saved most of my receipt but I have to admit that never thought much about keeping them because never intended to sell but I would say that most people do keep the receipt. My guess is that the purse was purchased with a discount (if that makes sense) and the seller does not want to reveal that, maybe?
  6. Well, maybe mention that you are really stuck on the receipt, for the reasons you listed, and would need that in order to purchase. See if that moves her any!

  7. ^^ I will. Let's see what seller says. Thanks Jen!:flowers:
  8. Can't she even photocopy the receipt?
  9. There are a couple reasons a seller might not include receipts. The first being that they have other purchases on that receipt. The second being with the influx of ban letters, sellers could be wary of providing a receipt with their name on it so if it is returned, it counts against them in Coachs' skewed way of tracking such things.

    Another reason could be like mentioned: the seller doesn't want you to know what they paid.

    No matter how the bag is purchased, it's still covered under warranty. They do not ask for proof of purchase when sending it in for repair.
  10. Good to know.:yahoo: That is one of my concerns. Thank you!
  11. I wouldn't worry about getting a receipt. Have the bag checked out in the authenticate this thread to be sure it isn't fake. If for some reason you need to send it in for repair, they will not ask to see a receipt.
  12. ^^thanks Rachel
  13. if it is at least new with the tag care card and dust cover i would most likely buy from ebay.