Would you buy a wristlet instead of a bag?

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I picked up the Coach Large Ergo Hobo in Plum, Clay Gigi and Bordeaux Patchwork Hobo today. I hope I made good choices! I had never considered getting the Patchwork Hobo but I absolutely loved it when I tried it on. You should really check this bag out!


    I have a the stripe signature satchel that I never used that I think I am going to return for a Parchment Hobo. I'm beginning to realize that the signature pattern is not for me. Does anyone have this bag - is it difficult to care for b/c of the color?


    I had a few questions though:

    Does anyone have a bag in the slate color?




    I really love the color but I'm not sure if the shoulder is too small for me and if the Flap bag is too plain. Also, not sure if I'll get comfortable with the signature print. I also think the bag is a bit expensive! Anyway, my question is- should I purchase the wristlet in that color (with the PCE discount will be about $150) instead of a bag or do you think that's a waste of $. I know I"ll use it though.


    Also, what do you think of the Coach Belted Hobo in the Tobacco color. Do you like that color? I keep going back an dforth. I usually go for chocolate instead of Tobacco.


    Thanks for your help and my apologies if I did not post the pics correctly.
  2. nope, not me
  3. if the question is the one posted at the top, i wouldn't.
  4. My advice is to buy the item you think you'll get more use out of. If it's the wristlet, then get that.

    I think that far too many people buy something based mainly on price when really you should consider how many times you'll use it.

    I'd rather pay more for something I use frequently rather than pay less for something I hardly use.
  5. I agree with beautyinside. I have 2 wristlets and I have only used one consistantly. I get more use out of my 10 handbags, three which are Coach bags. The wristlets are cute but they are getting a bit to costly for my taste.