Would you buy a white baby cabas ..............

  1. for 400 dollars over retail?
  2. ... clue me in. Why would you have to?

    But regardless, no, probl. not.
  3. absolutely not. i'm sure someone on the forum has an awesome SA that could find one for you at retail.
  4. They are hard to find , I have my name on alot of lists now. This woman is selling her bag for 2300. I dont know , I guess if I really want it I should get it.
  5. Really? who who:nuts: :nuts: come forward if you have someone please:yes: I have a white bag fetish. LOL and I need this one!!
  6. I'd only buy it if I reallyReallyREALLY wanted it :wlae: Is this on eBay? Maybe you can "bargain" with the seller??

    And also sales tax is at least a hundred, so it'd be more like 200-300 above retail....:p
  7. As butterfliie said, you'd be saving the tax, so that would narrow the gap a little. If you really want it, I'd say go for it since they're so scarce. I have a black one and I don't know how I ever lived without it.
  8. True I would be saving tax!!! lol . So it wouldnt be that bad ...hahaha
  9. Don't do it if you're not feeling comfortable with it.
    But there are a lot of trusted sellers on ebay, including tPF members.
    Always make sure to check their feedback and you can always post it in the Authenticate this thread if you're feeling unsure.
  10. If you really really want it and it is rare/you know you will not be able to find it anywhere then I would consider it especially since you won't have to pay tax which would narrow the gap as mentioned above.
  11. I think they are really hard to find - but I thot I read some more colors are coming out in the fall, but probably not white. If you really can't stop thinking about it - I would go for it. (But this has been my problem . . . :shrugs: )
  12. only if you REAAAAALLLLLY love it!
  13. If you really love it, and don't want to go thru the stress if looking for it later, I would go for it.