Would you buy a used Legacy with a broken Turnlock?

  1. Some great deals on eBay with used Legacy Shoulder Bags but they have broken turnlocks.

    Would anyone risk buying one of these??
  2. I personally wouldn't buy it. I would rather save my pennies for a new legacy bag during PCE.
  3. I recently did and I am taking it to Coach on Monday so it can be sent it for repair. I really think it depends on the overall condition of the bag and the ending price of the auction.

    As for the bag I won, the ending price of the auction was $75 or so for a bag that retails for $278. Even with a PCE discount the bag would be $220. The bag I got was used but in overall very good condition. I'll let you know when I get it back and whether or not I think it was worth it overall.
  4. I bought a shoulder bag with a broken turnlock and everything hs been great with my purchase. I took it in to coach for repair and the waived the fee for me. Now it is as good as new!

    If you decide to get one make sure there is nothing on it indicating a final sale or coach will not fix it. There may be something on the creed or a mark on the inside of the zipper pocket.

    good luck!
  5. It it was in great condition, good price and I knew for sure I could have it fixed....then yes.
  6. Excellent point! Thanks for adding that - I forgot to mention it.
  7. I bought a new one and a piece of the turnlock hardware fell off. Apparently coach ahs had issues with the hardware so they are willing to repair or replace. If its a really good deal and it looks like it can be fixed I would go for it as long as there is no evidence that it has been taken to coach and they can't or won't fix it. I wold also make sure that the bag is n good condition. If its too used coach may not be willing to fix it.
    Overall coach is pretty good about repairing (or replacing) there stuff for FREE.
  8. If it was a great deal I definitely would. If it wasn't much of a savings though, then I wouldn't. It really depends on the individual bag and auction.
  9. If the price was low and I could get it fixed through Coach I would.
  10. If I don't live near a Coach store (I'm in Montana) can I just ship it to them??
  11. You sure can! Here's the scoop:

    Coach Repair Service
  12. I'd say no b/c it's worth it to me to have non-preloved bags. I've only bought one preloved ever...and it actually was a Coach single strap hobo (thanks, Ladies!)

    In your case, if it is relatively easy to have coach repair then why not?
  13. I'd say yes because Coach will repair the defect for free. :yes:
  14. I think it depends on the overall condition of the bag and what the price is.

    If the price is really low and the bag is in great condition and is not a final sale bag, I would go for it.

    Definitely be sure it is not a final sale bag, or else you will be out of luck when it comes to fixing it and that would be terrible.
  15. Can someone tell me exactly what to look for on a final sale bag?! I bought a final sale Legacy bag at the Orlando Outlet earlier this month & while they told me I couldn't return it... they did NOT tell me Coach wouldn't repair it (it was final sale based on scratches on the leather NOT the hardware). I looked in it to see if there was a mark but couldn't see one.