Would you buy a Stam in the high $6's w/o a chain?

  1. I found a stam that has no chain. I have a chain from my Julianne I could use.
    It's in the $6's and it's black. Worth it ya think?
  2. i suppose it depends if you really really want it and i suppose you do have a chain to use...

    there was a i think cola stam on eBay that went for 400 without a chain.
  3. MJ will replace the chain for free provided that the bag was released in the past year and a half.... go for it if you really want a stam at a good price.

  4. really? for free? do you know how you go about doing this?
  5. dang girl, how many bags have you been buying? :p did you find a quilted stam? regular size? :graucho:
  6. ^^^ Been buying and selling....about even in both
  7. other than the missing chain, what condition is it in? is it NWT? gently used? do you know which season its from?
  8. I don't know about MJ replacing the chain. They told me no, then I e-mailed them again and basically begged for any color Stam chain, even if I had to replace the leather with custom-dyed leather. I am still waiting for a response. I think they are shining me on. I am getting a little upset.
  9. Send an email to repairs@marcjacobs.com. You also might want to read the thread on MJ repairs, that's a sticky. HTH! :flowers:
  10. If anyone sends an e-mail to MJ repairs, I would love to know what their response was. I was really surprised when they informed me they don't have chains to sell or replace.
  11. btw- i have about three emails to marc jacobs for repair in the past month and they still haven't gotten back to me? has anyone else gotten a reply lately? previously, they have been very prompt when answering email.
  12. email the repairs@marcjacobs.com email address Diego referenced in the thread that is now a sticky. I don't know about chains, but it's worth a shot.
    I emailed them and got a response back from Diego the same day. This was about 2 weeks ago. I was very impressed at their quick turnaround time!
  13. The first time I e-mailed repairs@marcjacobs, I got a response the next day (telling me that the chain is not a shoulder strap, it is only decorative and NO, they don't have ANY replacements!) Then, a few days later, I e-mailed back with a second request, explaining my position more fully. I still have not received a reply. I am not giving up! LOL! I want a Topaz chain! The squeaky wheel should get the chain.
  14. ^ i still think that's the dumbest and weakest rationale i have ever heard. decorative? i guess i've been using my stam all wrong then...