Would you buy a really old design?


Apr 13, 2007
Recently I accidentally dropped my tennis bracelet at home and I freaked out. It's a gift from my parents for my 21st bday and I can't afford to lose it. Since then I stopped wearing it everyday like I used to and wear it only on special occasions.

The thing is, I've been wearing the tennis bracelet everyday for sometime and I feel something amiss now that I'm not wearing it everyday. So I decided to get a bracelet for everyday wear and I thought about the Venetian Link bracelet. I like it for its simplicity and its resemblances to the tennis bracelet, in a way.

I went to the shop with the intention of buying it (but not definitely) and asked to see the bracelet and the SA helped me put it on. As I couldn't decide 100% whether I should get it, the SA suggested getting the new charm bracelets and added that "the venetian bracelet is a very old design". She promptly showed me the new bracelets which I gladly looked at. But I left the shop without buying anything.

I could not decide.

I decided to come in here and post this hoping you ladies could help me out. Would you buy/mind something that is a very old design or you rather get something new?


May 19, 2007
I'm pretty sure there's a HUGE price difference between the venetian link, and the charm bracelet (and that's without any charms).

Pick what you like. Don't let a sales person make that decision for you. I've had the venetian link bracelet for close to 10 years, and I still wear it, and see it on others. So regardless if it is an "old" design, its still out there!


Sep 9, 2006
Venetian link bracelets are classic. And supersash is right... selling you a charm bracelet likely would have made them more money (not only now, but in the future when you/others have to buy charms for it.)

Charm bracelets have been around a long time as well but she doesn't seem to have a problem with that! I wouldn't listen to that SA.

elle tee

Dec 6, 2006
Venetian link bracelet is a classic. I see a lot of people wearing it and it looks very modern, IMO. However, if you really love your tennis bracelet, why don't you see about having a safety chain put on it? My stepmother has these on all her good bracelets, they are just fine chains that link both ends of the clasp. They leave the bracelet long enough to slip over your hand but make sure that if the clasp pops open, it stays on your wrist. Ask your jeweler, it shouldn't be too expensive to do.


Apr 22, 2007
I've said this before, but it bears repeating....

You should buy your jewelry for you. You should buy what you love now, and hopefully you will still love it in years to come. (And after a few years, anything is an "old" design, right?!)

Don't let the SA influence you. They're not paying for or wearing your jewelry, and sometimes they just talk to talk.

Buy what YOU like. You should love your jewelry and feel happy when you wear it!


feeling content :)
Dec 14, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
The sales assistant is just there to assist you in looking at the products but their opinion is usually in their own interest in making a sale. You should buy what YOU want to buy because you only need to satisfy yourself. Besides, classic jewellry ages and it matures as time goes by - it doesn't go out of trend.


Up On My Toes!
Jun 6, 2006
Highland, Maryland
I think you should buy it if you like it. The older I get the more I realize I'm glad to have chosen the pieces I have. To me nice jewelry doesn't necessarily go in and out of style.


Jul 28, 2006
"very old design" or "classic" is in the eye of the beholder. i would personally choose the venetian link, especially since it is similar to something you are trying to replace.


Apr 13, 2007
Thanks for your replies, ladies. :smile:

What you all said reaffirmed what I thought - at first - prior to stepping into the shop. Yeah, the charm bracelet is easily thrice the venetian bracelet. I didn't feel comfortable with the SA and that explains why I left empty-handed. I'm glad I did. :smile: