Would you buy a Miroir speedy just to sell it?

  1. that is, if it was available to you to buy in the first place? :rolleyes:
  2. Sadly, I probably would...yes, I'm an opportunist, I know!

    But I don't engage with LE items, anyway.
  3. personally, i wouldnt do it :smile:
  4. No, I won't do it. I am not good at selling anything anyway. My specialty is buying:nuts:
  5. Nope, once I would have it in my hands I'd never be able to part with it :love:

  6. Sadly, I'm with you. I'll never make money in my :heart: for LV, but that's ok:p
  7. I've never done it intentional.. usually i would sell something i don't use.. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.. if there's a limited time and i get a chance to buy it but i don't really want it, i can sell it for more $$ and buy self a more expensive purse that i really want :smile:
  8. No, I'm not into selling and I would rather the bag went to someone who is sitting on the waiting list sweating on getting a miroir and will love it.
    ( no, I'm not any waiting lists myself.)
  9. why not... make a couple of hundreds buck of profit.

    so i can buy something else from lv!
  10. no, i wouldn't, i didn't have good experiences with selling on eBay...
  11. yes... why not?
    some extra money is always welcome:smile:
  12. Yes,
    If the option was made to me to pick up a bag that was highly wanted, I would.
    I might as well make a few $$ then someone else.
  13. If you use it and after no longer want it then fine, sell it, but I think it's morally wrong and shallow to do so, especially if you have the intention of making profit or doing a business with bags.
    Then again, if buyers are willing to pay 1000$ above retail, then it's their choice, but I personally think that they're being ripped off.
  14. Seems like its being done to the tune of a selling price of $4,000.00.:yes:
    Personally, no I would not.. but to each is own..Ya can't rule the world!!
  15. I personally wouldn't do it, but I hate convincing people/selling things to people, so any type of selling is a no for me...I could never be an entrepreneur.