Would you buy a marked bag? (sharpie, etc...)

  1. Hi ladies,
    I have a question... Would you buy a bag that's marked inside with a permanent pen? (Department stores do this to prevent returns or mark prices.)

    ex: [​IMG]

    yes? no?

    Also, how does this affect the value of the bag? THANKS!
  2. Of course it affects the value of the bag but it depends how much you want this bag. If the price is good, I'll probably get it cause the mark is inside the bag anyway. Nobody can see it. If it really bugs you, then it's not worth it.
  3. I agree with chloe.clementine...
    I'd probably buy the bag if I weren't going to sell it because no one would see it and only I'd know it was there. :smile:
    Are you thinking of getting something?!
  4. My berry Mps from NR marked as well inside... But with silver gel pen and in very small print... I don't mind because it is very hard to find it:yes:
  5. That is one FABULOUS bag!!! I love the big pushlock in the front!! GORGEOUS!! Congrats!
  6. that's a great purchase! congrats! i've never seen that style bag before? what's it called?

    i wouldn't mind buying a bag that's been marked especially if the marking is somewhere inconspicuous and not, say, right on the metal name plate.
  7. No. I will never purchase a bag that is less than 100% perfect. I'm anal, though. That's why I won't purchase at Nordstrom Rack etc ... I can't stand how they mark the bags up.
  8. It's called round hobo. It's actually an older style. hpzapper is a good seller on eBay. I bought one of my MJs from her and I believe she's a tpf-er.
  9. I hate when they ruin the bags like that. However, if the deal is good enough I would purchase it!
  10. The bag is great and you got it for a great deal. Congrats. With a bag like this you will probably keep it forever so a mark is not too bad!
  11. If it was a bag I really loved for a great price... sure, why not? The sharpie marks wouldn't bother me at all. They would just remind me of the awesome deal I got. :heart:
  12. Congrats! That a great style and difficult to find on eBay.

    Markers don't really bother me much either. I would either buy to keep indefinitely, or use and sell for a loss. Nobody is gonna see it!