would you buy a limited edition...

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  1. Would you buy a LE multicolor fringe bucket bag or do you think this is out of style?
  2. Out of style IMO.
  3. I am actually a huge fan of this bag!
    It's definitely a show piece!
  4. I think it's a really fun bag and perfectly suited for summer.
  5. If you're going to use it, why not?
    It's not my style and never in my life I'll buy it. But that's just me. Too much going on. But I saw some ladies pulled it off nicely.
    If you'll use it, buy it.
  6. That's 25cm of pure acid trip right there IMHO but some women out there have the personality and flair to pull it off. If you are one of those ladies then why not have some fun, especially in time for summer.
  7. I don't think it is out of style, but I never preferred it. If you love it, it is timeless!
  8. I'm not a fringe kind of gal but I don't think it's out of style esp for this time of the year (at least not in the area that I'm in). Regardless... If you like it, wear it. I recently purchased pieces myself that I'm sure most people would not like. Everyone has there own personal style :smile:
  9. Not out of style. Gorgeous and unique. Go for it!

  10. +1
  11. I would not because it is not appealing to me, but it really doesn't matter! If you like it & will enjoy using it then I say go for it ;)
  12. I think it is a fun bag and would wear it in a heartbeat!! Go for it!
  13. I think it's pretty! I love multicolore so I'm biased. If you can get a good price that's even better.
  14. This bag looks like a cross between a hippie and rainbow cat :P I say go for it because we all need color in our lives.

    Besides, this would make a killer statement piece!
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