Would you buy a LAMBSKIN wallet?

  1. Would it be too high maintenance? Or would it not last long before showing wear?

    For those who have it, do you have issues with it due to the delicate leather? Thanks!
  2. hmm... I'd be interested to know what others think too as I'm contemplating this same question...

    I have a lambskin key case and in the corners there is definitely wear as I see it as almost unavaoidable if it's used for every day use and put inside your bag (especially in a large tote where it may bang against other things). However, saying that - my key case is black and I would never notice the wear except when I'm inspecting the key case. Your face really has to be up and close to notice it...

    So I'm thinking that this is a question of whether it would bother you knowing there's wear on the wallet cuz I think with a lambskin wallet - it'll be inevitable there will be wear on the corners.
  3. Absolutely not. I abuse my wallet a lot. I don't have any lambskin wallet.
  4. ShoulderEyeCandy, you bring up this subject that has been in my mind ever since I saw the camellia wallet...
    I would LOVE LOVE to have that wallet, but have concerns as well. If it's a caviar, I'd be on the phone right now ordering one for myself...
  5. Mines holding up pretty well .... I shove my keys, cellphone and everything else in it. And I don't section my stuff so everything just kind of sits together. There are some soft scratches but nothing too obvious. I've been using it everyday for 2-3 months.
  6. Yes.. and I have! The lambskin still looks perfect, though I've had it (and definitely used/abused it) for the past four months.

  7. ITA. I'm pretty anal for things being nice looking. If it looks ratty, it doesn't look as beautiful.
  8. Is Cambon line made of Lambskin?
  9. I'm getting the reissue wallet. I'll let you know!

    I hadn't even though about the lambskin being high maintenance but you're probably right.
  10. probably not. i toss my wallets around and i doubt the lambskin would hold up very well under the sort of abuse i put my wallets through!
  11. I have this Cambon Wallet I bought last November ... I have used it every day since and I LOVE it! I don' think it looks abused at ALL ...

  12. ^^ I think the cambon line is made of calf-skin?

    I have been contemplating a lambskin wallet, but couldn't bring myself to do it. The scratches would drive me crazy!

  13. OOPS!!! :shame:
  14. i have a lambskin wallet and i love it. im really careful with it though and i tend to use it for special occasions instead of using it everyday. ive used it many times now and it still looks gorgeous!
  15. ohhhhhhhhhh I want the camelia wallet so badly! But it would kill me if it looked beat up in 6 months.