Would you buy a Kooba Leather Jacket?

  1. I would in a NY minute..if the price were right. :tup:
  2. My Sis who hates designer bags just told me she'd love an edgy leather jacket for Christmas. No Bomber type stuff but I don't think I have the bucks for a Kooba. She better be happy with Wilsons! LOL
  3. If it was knee length, with a split at the bag and was a similar colour to my desert scarlett then I probably would!!
    Mind you, I dont understand the US clothing size system at all, so I would probably end up buying it in 'marquee' size or something...:lol:
  4. If it were a style that I liked, and that was timeless, I would definately consider one.
  5. Oh sure, of course, I would. :yes: But, it'd have to be a classic, but not stuffy, style.
  6. The jacket looks a lot like the hayden harnett Nora jacket.
  7. I wish the prices for the Kooba would be more on par with the Hayden Harnetts jackets then maybe..just maybe, i could get one.