Would you buy a house where the owner had died?

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  1. We're looking at a house to purchase. Today we found out that the previous owners' husband had died in the house. I guess he had slipped and fell in the bathroom and had blunt trauma to his head. It has been over a year since this happened (it has been on the market for a year). The wife moved out of it and to another state 9 months ago, so now the house is empty.

    The house has a couple issues, but overall we love it. Who knows if we'll even get it, as we plan to do a REALLY lowball offer.

    Our realtor told us about the death today and he said that might be one of the reasons (one of several) that the house is still sitting here.

    So, what do you think?
  2. Some people will not purchase a home where a person has died from superstition or other personal beliefs.

    For me, I did purchase a condo where a previous owner had died (but it was not the seller; it was the person before that and was probably at least 5 years prior). I found out that he died of natural causes from old age. Also he passed in his sleep in his easy chair, which I found to be somewhat comforting.

    In the end, it's really about whether or not you would be comfortable living in the house, especially in the bathroom where the accident happened. If it will make you uneasy, then I wouldn't buy it just because you might get a good deal on it.

    I do tend to be a bit superstitious, and a few times I was sure that I "felt" the presence of the owner who had died in the unit. But he never bothered me, so I figured that he just really liked all the redecorating and remodeling that I did. ;)
  3. sure I would. but not if the person was murdered. gotta draw the line there. and its not about superstition, it would be more about just thinking about the violence that went on. couldn't get that out of my head.
    a person dying is just that. people die everywhere, every day. no biggie.
  4. Honestly, it would be hard to find a home where someone hadn't died unless you are only looking at very new homes. Most of the time you wouldn't even know about it. I'll bet a lot of us have lived in homes where people have died.
  5. I agree with Bagnshoo, natural death, sure (sad, but falling and dying from head injury would be a natural death) but suicide or murder, nope. No chance.

  6. In California the seller has to disclose if anyone passed in the last 7 years. So if a person bought say, a historical home, it is possible they would not know since the home was so old.
  7. I agree ^
  8. i know my uncle's family had a really hard time selling the house that he committed suicide in. personally, i dont know if i could buy a house knowing the person before me passed away there. i am so uncomfortable with death...
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    I used to be a realtor and we had no problems selling houses where an accidental or natural death occured but it was very difficult to sell a murder or suicide house. in my experience suicide is the very hardest the whole restless spirit thought. I lived in a home that was over 100 yrs old and had a few previous deaths natural and accidental I had no issues but my guests would complain of ghosts etc I think it is more so mass hysteria than a true concern JMHO
  10. It wouldn't be a deciding factor for me.
  11. For me personally..no way.

    But that is probably because my ex lived in a 3 story townhouse where a child had an accident and fell down the stairs. Sadly he didn't live.

    When my ex moved in with his then GF and her daughter, they all said they felt something as if being watched. Even a roommate who moved in later said the same thing

    Then weird things would happen. Toys going off, alarms going off at the same time everynight with NO battery in them, doors closing on their own..etc.

    One night I was staying over and I don't know how it happend but I saw the little boy and I am not lying. I described him to my ex and he said that was the same boy.

    I jumped out of bed after I saw that like my a$$ was on fire.

    I still went to the house after that and was even alone a lot.

    But I would never buy a house where someone passed. Accident or other wise.
  12. I get a vibe about people and places, so if I got a :tup: vibe, then yes, a :tdown: vibe, then no.
  13. not for me.
  14. I agree. If the person died of illness or natural causes in a home, I would have no problem purchasing the home because death is natural. However, if the death had been violent, then I would not want to live in a house where violence had occurred.
  15. What difference does it make whether or not someone died there or how they died?

    Am I missing something here?