Scarves Would you buy a "HG" CSGM if it had damage?

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  1. Moderators please combine this with a previous thread if necessary!

    I would really appreciate some TPFer's opinions on this! My local consignment shop has an Ex-Libris en Kimonos CW 03 CSGM for $700 canadian. There is a run or two but nothing major which i am ok with and scarf is in excellent condition.

    However, upon closer inspection (like really close) I found two little holes, looks like moths got to the scarf. The scarf was originally $798, but the shop said they would give it to me for $700 since I found the holes. (I was going to buy it for $798 before I found the holes)

    Would you guys still buy it? What are the odds of the holes getting bigger before I bring them to a local spot to repair (this is my biggest fear, that they will get bigger or threads will pull)? There are no pulls or loose threads coming from the holes.

    Thank you all so much for your input!
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  2. I bought an HG (Perspectives carre, first release) a few years ago and sent it back due to non-disclosed holes, and that was a pretty good price. I wasn't concerned with the resale price as I wasn't going to sell it but having to avoid showing the holes all the time would annoy me. So no, for me, it's even more important that HGs don't have problems. I remember being revulsed and upset that such a thing of beauty should be spoiled (and not noticed by the highly reputable seller.

    CSGMs can be another story though because they will often have a flaw or two just from wearing and the price isn't terrible. You could buy this and look out for a perfect one too, eventually keeping this one for everyday/spare.

    Even if you buy it, I'd recommend you stick it bagged-up in the freezer for 3 days and then have dry cleaned as you have no idea how those holes got there. I would then place it on an embroidery frame and mend it immediately. I can't remember if H still repair (I know they no longer clean). I have a huge problem trusting anyone by H or me with my scarves.
  3. My first CSGM has several small holes , they were disclosed and I bought it because back then I wouldn’t have paid the usual price and wanted a real bargain.
    It’s been my most worn shawl, the holes haven’t increased in size or number , and I’ve washed it a few times.

    Fast forward 8 years and I’ve completely succumbed to the CSGM prices, I still find them ridiculous but cannot resist.....
  4. Hmm, a few runs wouldn’t bother me, particularly in such a busy design.
    However, the holes might bother me- not really sure if I would buy or pass up.
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  5. Runs come just from wearing / life over the many years that these scarves last. Holes, even if not noticeable might bother me unless i could be sure that they don't get bigger etc. I have à CGSM with a shredded corner due to a business class seat accident...and I still wear it no issues...
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  6. You can probably get the holes invisibly mended. I know of a good place.
  7. Of course, only you can balance the pros and cons.

    My experience as I rarely let a grail go by—they are just so rare, unless you pay huge bucks, in which case, 3 more will pop up cheaper elsewhere, but I digress—
    -I happily paid $860 for a Zebra Pegasus B&W CSGM with a disclosed run from a known and reputable seller.
    -Enthusiastically paid $480 for a Gloire de Guillaume, my first CSGM, 1992, with disclosed holessssss, from unknown seller in Ukraine, because it was so beautiful (purple on gold, multicolor). The sweet seller, as he watched us bidding up the price, kept messaging versions of “ understand it’s damaged, right?” He was so shocked to get so much interest in his Ukraine resale store find, he paid extra for expedited shipping!
    -contentedly paid $450 for Les Toits de Paris with a disclosed hole and a disclosed tiny stain, both on corners no one will ever see while tied. Context: high point of demand, all other lTdP were selling for $800+.

    So, confessing I’m nuts, maybe the perspective is entertaining if not helpful.
  8. Can you tie it the way you plan to wear it without the holes being obvious?
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  9. Hi everyone! Thank you all for your different perspectives on the issue!

    It seems like general consensus is that the holes are not a big deal. They can be mended. The runs didnt bother me as I know this is the nature of the cashmere shawls (i own a few), I was mainly concerned about the holes running or getting bigger.

    @lulilu i couldnt even find the holes when it was draped, i had to lay it out flat and carefully scan the entire scarf to find them

    @Jbizzybeetle did any of the holes in your purchases get any bigger or get pulled threads?
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  10. Short answer is no; however, since acquiring less than a year ago, I wear it only seasonally and even then only occasionally. So, over 3-4 wears, the holes look the same.
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  11. The holes probably won't get bigger before you repair it, but it will have to be repaired and cleaned so that cost should be factored in. I am the odd woman out here, but for me, $700 plus cleaning and repair would be a lot of money for a scarf with holes and pulls. You are the only one though who can weight the factors of cost vs. probability of finding the scarf elsewhere vs. your patience in searching for another vs. your tolerance for imperfections vs. how badly you want it. Aargh. Always hard! Good luck. I can't wait to hear what you decide. :smile::heart:
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  12. It’s a lot, but it’s still a savings of several hundred dollars. $700 is a great price for a shawl, esp ELEK. Runs can be very easily fixed. There is a thread here on that (or you can check my video tutorial on IG).
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  13. I have decided to pass! There will always be another, and the HG list is long. Thank you all for your advice! :biggrin:
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    Very true! You’re absolutely right. And that is some really impressive work on the thread detailing the run fixing. Personally, the runs would bother me less than the moth holes. When a scarf has holes it’s not the end of the world (especially if one already owns it and has had the joy of wearing it) but in my mind bargaining-wise, it’s fairly seriously compromised so I think the seller would have to (fairly) expect that the value would drop significantly. It’s frustrating though! Just thinking about it makes me want to go put my shawls in moth balls. :hrmm: But for scarfies less wimpy than I am, I know those who are savvy and skillful can get some amazing deals.
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  15. Although I don't buy pre-owned, I would tolerate runs but won't buy with broken threads. There is a tutorial on how to fix CSGM runs on the forum and I have follow it and fixed one of my shawls. Unless you have a trusted fixer can fix the broken thread, I wouldn't buy one with it. I wouldn't trust just any place to fix it with good colour match etc. Like you said, there will be another one.
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