Would you buy a Discontinued Bag you wanted if it needs work or wait?

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  1. Hi ladies I just had a quick personal opinion question and I figured who better to ask than ppl with a true love for LV.

    So there are 3 bags that I am on the hunt for (listed in my signature)(also please note that I this is NOT a WTB post etc.) I found (2 but 1 is beat to heck and I am going to pass) one of the bags I wanted on fashionphile (Manhattan GM) (as I'm sure you know they are no longer producing this bag : ( which is terrible news for me, I could never afford it before but now I am in a good place and what do they do...they stop making it! gahh story of my life!) The problem is the bag is in less than preferable condition and the leather, piping and all would need to be replaced. (one of the corners of the piping is worn all the way through! I've had LV bags since 2004 or so and that has NEVER happened to any of mine so idk what kind of life this bag had before!)

    I called 1866 VUITTON and they said that the bag was pulled in about December (so I really didn't miss it by much -__-) and that there were NO more in the US at all.

    So my question is....do you think that to buy this one that isn't in that great of condition then to have all the leather replaced is jumping the gun and that I should wait OR do you think that the bag will become harder and harder to find as time goes on?

    I really do not want to purchase on eBay if at all possible. I have checked out the other reputable seller links that were here in the shopping section and there aren't really any Manhattan GMs. *le sigh*

    And lastly if you happen to go on the site and look at it is that slouching on top just because they have the strap tight or has this bag been beaten up so much that its slouchy now? (this last one is just if you happen to be on here/have seen the bag. Less important part of this post I just thought I'd throw it out there while I was doing this post, I plan on checking the forum to see if that is a common problem)

    Thank you so much! I appreciate any advise you could give me. I don't typically buy second hand but now I have no choice : (

  2. lol i meant *advice. *smh* idk where the s came from. sorry!
  3. I've bought quite a few LV preloved . Just a warning some TPF members have bought from fashionphile and they've turned out to be fake. I've never bought from them but I've read on here about it.
  4. ^^^^ OMGGG i thought fashionphile was like the ultimate authentic! (other than like karen kooper) thats crazy!
  5. I would NEVER buy a bag from Fashionphile to be honest. And the Manhattan GM comes up fairly often on reputable sites like Yoogi's closet. I'd wait. It's not that hard to find. You would pay upwards of $700 to replace all of the leather and piping through LV on that bag. Maybe more.
  6. Okay thanks! I'll wait it out, I actually looked at the pics again and the pockets seem doggy-eared as well which idk if there is any fixing that. (i knew it would be costly to replace the leather but thought maybe itd be worth it)

    its just hard to wait!

    Thanks everyone who left feedback!
  7. I'd wait too. I've seen Manhattan GM in fairly good condition popping up on different sites every now and then. Try stalking the reputable online resellers!
  8. I'll co-sign what Charleston-Mom said. Yoogis would be a good resource for you. Also Ann's Fabulous Finds is good as well. Just got a pre-loved Azur Zippy Coin purse from there and have a Speedy 30 on the way. Ann's also does layaways.
  9. Holly! I didn't know you were a member of tpf! I would wait on the bag. I've seen them on yoogis closet in good condition before. I'm sure you will be able to buy one if you keep looking!