Would you buy a designer inspired Birkin? Be honest!!!

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Aug 10, 2009
I posted a thread a couple of days ago in the general section for all bag lovers! Now it's time to ask you Hermes lovers. If you couldn't afford a real Hermes Birkin would you buy a designer inspired Birkin? Be honest now. I'm talking about fairly good quality, but something you could be tons of. Now you can have 100 like Posh Spice, or would you rather just have one real one?

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Jun 15, 2006
No. I would have the one real. Fakes are illegal on top of all the other negative issues associated with them. I can go on but am rushing off to star gaze....


Aug 30, 2007
Upper South, USA
I bought an inspired-by Birkin for my 37 year old daughter a couple of years ago. I would not have considered buying her a Birkin, both for the cost and because if I were going to spend that kind of money, she would prefer something else - work on her house etc. She loves her bag - it was excellent quality (no, not Hermes, but still very good), and it has held up well as her daily work horse bag. I paid about $850 for it.

I have an inspired-by Constance. Again, I can't pay that much for a bag I would only use occasionally.

I also have two Kellys - one bought new at the boutique and a 1974 vintage one. I also have a Picotin that I bought at the FSH store in Jan.

Having said all this, I would never buy "tons" of inspired-by bags. I would much prefer to have one truly high quality Hermes bag and enjoy wearing it. To me, one buys an inspired-by bag only if the cost of Hermes is totally out of the question and will be so for many years to come, not just to have bags in every color.

I would NOT buy a "fake". "Inspired-by" and "fake" are two totally different things.
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