Would you buy a Damier with vachetta?


What leather trim would you prefer on the Damier?

  1. Chocolate

  2. Vachetta

  3. No preference

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  1. I saw a Damier Alma w/ vachetta which looked really nice. :love: But the ones w/ the chocolate colour are easier to take care of...
  2. Damier with chocolate handles is literally indestructible!!!!!
  3. I think the chocolate looks better.
  4. I like both. I think I like the current ones better, but I wouldn't hesitate to buy the bag you posted.
  5. I wanted the anniversary Soho w/ the vachetta but it's hard to find a clean one. I guess that's the downside of it.
  6. I like the chocolate with the damier. It goes so well with the dark checkers.
  7. aw haillllllllllllll no.
  8. The chocolate matches the Damier pattern more than the vachetta. It's one of the perks to the Damier line, no mess, and super easy to clean.
  9. Nope, I think chocolate looks best!
  10. chocolate!
  11. I Love The Chocolate.....But, I Would Love A Piece With Vachetta, Too!
  12. I'm not liking it so much. :huh:

    I have often wondered what a mono would look like with the dark brown handles that the Damier comes with. :idea:
  13. I think the chocolate handles go waaaaay better with Damier!
  14. Definitely chocolate. The natural vachetta looks weird IMO. Plus, the nice thing about damier is you don't have to worry about even patina on straps/handles etc.