Would you buy a damaged bag to send in for repairs?

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  1. If you came across a bag that was current that was coming undone in a spot would you consider buying it, and try to send it in for repairs? I came across a bag that the straps need repair but the bag is in good overall shape.

    The coating on the side of the leather is peeling off. If it was mailed in wouldn't coach fix it?

  2. maybe if the bag was my holy grail, or rare, but normally I want to cut the tags and move in!:P

  3. I've thought about doing that for a few pinnacle bags I can only find on eBay in wretched condition.
    If you do, let us know how it turns out!

  4. No, they'll keep it and send you a GC.

    If you want to keep the bag, buy some of the stuff, i forget what it's called Ebers, Ebeling or something like that and do it yourself if you want to keep the bag.
  5. It is on ebay. The seller resells bags that have been returned to a large retailer. The bags are deeply discounted.

    Fixing it is a good idea.
  6. They can't fix sealant issues so I wouldn't purchase it with the expectations that they can fix it.
  7. Probably wouldn't chance it unless I really, really wanted it and couldn't find another. But since you said it's current I'd just get a new one that's already good.
  8. I did this once with a legacy bag that had a broken turnlock. They fixed it and sent it back. I bought the bag for a steal because of it. You never know how they will handle it. I guess it depends on how much the bag is. They might send you a 40% coupon if they can't fix it.