Would You Buy A Chanel Bag You Were In Love With, Even If Its Very Trendy?

  1. hi girls! maybe your responses will help me get rational about my growing baby animal obsession..................i am so totally in love with it (tote and/or the flap), its scary
    and of course, it is trendy as can be, will not be in style forever (or maybe beyond the summer) and is the kind of bag people will point to and say "oh, that's from spring of '07!)

    not exactly the "timeless" quality such an expensive line as Chanel should have, (and this bag too) but i am thinking, maybe it will be like the denim airplane bag and the valentine hobo, which are trendy but becoming a form of "whimsical classic" because alot of us still are talking about them and/or desire them?? And they are like "classic treasures"
    kinda like the LV multicolored bag was when it first came out, (everyone thought it was going to be a fad, but it hasnt slowed down after a few years... they keep on reinventing it in different styles)

    Please help! only you guys can understand what i am going through
  2. I would!!! Maybe I'm impulsive, but alot of my favorite trendy purchases are still my favorite because they reflect my personal style. I guess, it's not that I buy them bc they are trendy at the time, but bc they appeal to me so much. That seems to be the drift I'm getting on the animal print. i say, go for it. Chanel is always in style, and if it reflects you and makes you happy, that's what's the most important.
  3. If you love it then get it!!
  4. echo..thank you, honey! i was hoping someone would say something like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    that is what i think......just needed to hear it from someone else lol

    PS just read your post, Skinny...thanks too !
  5. go for it girl!!!!! lol i will live through your purchases!..i'm still in trouble from my last one hehe
  6. follow ur heart.... :p
  7. i saw a baby animal tote the other day when i was looking.. its super cute! u should go for it because if u don't get it & they arent around anymore u will be like i wish i got that purse lol well at least thats what happens to me when i dont get things
  8. i'd go for it! if you absolutely love it, you should get it.
    even if some people (such as the people here, lol!) will know that it's from spring 07, i feel like the print isn't mainstream enough to really become dated. it's just a fun bag much the previous valentine heart print bag. i doubt anyone will look at it and think it's so "last season" or whatever.
  9. If you want it and love it - get it before it's too late! Don't care about what others say - it's your bag and you'll be the one wearing it.
  10. If you absolutely Love it and Want it, then you should do what makes you happy.

    But if you think after two months, you'll be over it...then don't get it. Unless you are ok selling it and taking a "depreciation" hit on it. But then again if its still popular you may be able to sell it for retail, like the Cabas right now.

    There will always be people who love it and appreciate it.:heart:
  11. I would and think that any Chanels will look great no matter what.
  12. ahhhhhhhhhhh
    my darling PF Chanel enabler sisters :love:
    thank you!!!

    she shall be mine, soon,,,,, perhaps as early as tomorrah
  13. Another vote for "if you love it, get it!"

    Does it really matter if people know it's from Spring 07? I don't think it matters! It seems you really love this style, so you could end up regretting not getting it once it's no longer available. THAT would be awful! :crybaby:

    (Sorry if I'm a bad influence!)
  14. I'm crazy for the Baby Animals too:nuts: .....I'm dying to see the bag IRL, I think it's the cutest thing...and it's a flap....so it's a whimsical print in a classic-ly styles bag....you can't go wrong....go for it!!!!!:yes:
  15. For me, it would depend on the price... I probably wouldn't pay over $2K for one of their trendier bags that's immediately identifiable from a certain season. I do love the animals tote, though. Do you know how much it is?