Would you buy a black leather Julianne...

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  1. ...for $200?

    I already posted pictures on the "Authenticate This" thread and was told it looked good.

    Something is holding me back, though. I think the price sounds too good to be true. The seller claims she bought it at Macy's for almost $500, carried it for a week, and is now selling it because it's too big. She said she can't return it because she threw the tags away and lost the receipt.

    Why would she take a $300 loss? Any opinions on if I should buy it or not?
  2. Considering that the orig. retail price of the Julianne is $458, the asking price of $200 would be an excellent deal as long as the bag is authentic and has no major scuffing, marks, discoloration, or rips/tears. Just make sure that you ask the seller for as many detailed photos of both the outside and inside of the Julianne, just to be on the safe side.
  3. She looks good to me. At the price I say run, don't walk to buy her before someone else does! :tup:
  4. Well at least she is honest and didn't try to return a bag she used for a week. Maybe that's why she is willing to take a loss.....:confused1:
  5. I am protected through PayPal, right? Even though I'm not purchasing it through ebay? Ugh, I'd hate to be out $200.
  6. I think you would be, but I'm not 100% sure.
  7. I'd go for it but I'd use a major credit card when making the Paypal payment. That way you have the added protection from your credit card company in case there's a problem with the bag when you receive it. However, call your credit card's Customer Service Dept. and check with them on this just to ensure that you'd have fraud protection or coverage for the purchase. I'd also check with PayPal as well regarding their protection.