Would you buy a Bandoulier Strap to wear with your Regular Speedy 30

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  1. Taking a toll I have a DE Bandoulier Speedy 35 also a regular speedy 30 would you buy a vachetta strap to use on the regular speedy? just clip on them on the square ring on both side?
  2. I personally wouldn't... It might put a strain and eventually pull on the leather and damage it...well it depends on how heavy your stuff are... I like my regular speedy as it is carry by the handles...but if I'm out and about with the kiddos I use my speedy b... Just my 2 cents though...
  3. I don't like having stuff in my pockets.. I have a pocket organizer, my phone and keys. Maybe a sandwich jic I get hungry... jk!
  4. I think that it depends on the age and worth of the Speedy. I wouldn't take any risks with a new store-brought Speedy as using a strap might cause problems with LV if you ever need the bag to be replaced or repaired. :hrmm:

    I have just bought a preloved Speedy 30 for a really good price and I will definitely use it with a strap as I don't usually carry that much stuff with me. I would say go for it but only with a bag you are willing to take a risk with! :smile:
  5. Cool Thanks!! It's not new anymore my Speedy 35 B is new and I haven't used it yet
  6. A lot of people did that prior to the release of the Speedy Bandoulière. I personally didn't like the look and like other members said, it put a strain on the bag.
  7. No, I wouldn't do that. It doesn't look good and Vuitton released the speedy b obviously because they don't want people doing this.

  8. I have a speedy B 35 monogram, and 2 Classic speedys,Damier azure and monogram 25,what I do is I use my speedy B 35 strap on my other 2 bags, but not all the time...I ask my SA to give me a small wallet cover with string,I Carry the strap inside my bag so when I need to be hands free I attach the strap to the inside of the handles not the outside(tip from SA)so that way the handle hardware won't pull that much!! So you can buy the extra strap with the wide shoulder pad and use it in all the speedys you have[emoji12]
  9. I have the Speedy B 30 and sold my regular speedy 25. Both in Ebene. When I bought the bandoulier i tought I could use the strap on it if I wanted to wear my smaller speedy sometimes but didn´t like the look of it and it was uncomfortable
    to wear. It didn´t have the structur nor stability as the 30 had.
  10. I am thinking about buying my daugher the Speedy 30, but shea wants tow wear it over her shoulder.
    Does the bag sit okay if you do this and does it affect the metal part it is attached too? The Speedy 30 Bandouliere is just too expensive.
  11. I've considered it. I have two speedy b (30 and 35), that I love, but I am always tempted by the special edition speedys, both pre-loved and new, and they don't come in a b :sad: I commute by subway so I need a shoulder or a cross-body option.

    I tried attaching the strap at the handles on my bags and it really doesn't look good on the larger bags. Maybe a 25 would look better. If anyone tried it, please let me know.
  12. The B strap is so uncomfortable due to the awkward position of the extension. I bought a Speedy B DE. But I'm replacing the LV strap with a mautto strap.

  13. I agree! I have the Empreinte version Speedy B 25, the strap metal parts always break or trap my hairs due to the position.
  14. That's what I was thinking about doing.. I have a speedy 30 Japanese 15th year anniversary. I like the cross body Speedy B 35 look when travel and hate things in my pockets.
  15. I got the monogram strap for my speedy....and it sure makes it comfortable....
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