Would you buy a bag on ebay that has

  1. an accompanying eluxury receipt? Can't that be faked too?

    I am so skeptical of eBay for anything high end...
  2. Yes people do fake receipts. I'd only buy from a My Poupette authorized seller. Or a bag authenticated by My Poupette.
  3. There are actually people who sell computer programs for generating fake Eluxury receipts. An Elux receipt is not a guarantee of authenticity. If you have any authenticity questions, I suggest you post them in the sub-forum for the particular brand you are looking at.
  4. I've bought a bag from eBay but I've asked for authentication in the subforum first
  5. Yes, I have purchased bags from eBay, but only if they are in EXCELLENT, like-new condition and if they have been authenticated thru tPF. Based on the brand, you can go to that section of the forum and under "authenticate this..." you can post your questions and the listing for the bag you want to buy. Easy, and it helps to have expert advise!
  6. If you're skeptical of e-bay then it is probably better for your peace-of-mind to buy from the actual store (brick-and-mortar or on-line); or alternatively, don't bid any more than you would feel comfortable spending on a fake. I don't trust e-bay; there are so many scammers out there that even if it was verified by TPF I still wouldn't feel comfortable. So I'm probably missing some great deals!:sad:
  7. I am sure that my bad experiences on ebay don't outweigh the many positive experiences other tPFers have had, but I will NEVER buy ebay again. There are just too many risks, too many possibilities for scams, fakes, SNADs and other problems for me to feel good about it.
  8. I would never buy a bag off eBay just because it came with a receipt. I would have to be sure of the authenticity via images of the bag and looking at the sellers history. Sadly receipts mean diddly squat!
  9. I'm mostly scared of even having pictures of a good, authentic bag, even with positive feedback, even with a authentic receipt, the thing is they probably don't even have a bag to begin with!

    Those scams scare me so much...
  10. I'm too chicken to go with ebay. I'd rather pay more instead of wondering if it's real. It's almost gotten to the point where I figure out how to get them directly from the manufacturer or store who don't allow returns...almost the only way to absolutely guarantee it's authentic! Apparently people are now buying real and returning fake to real department stores. A few bad seeds ruin things for everyone!
  11. :wtf: I didn't know that! Crazy! A little off-topic, but people are faking everything these days-- even medications! I saw a whole thing about it on 20/20 a few weeks ago...