Would you buy a bag made out of a tire???

  1. Sounds like an interesting concept, but I dunno. Does it smell like a tire?
  2. I think it also comes with a free gift with purchase (roadkill of your choice). :yes:
  3. At least they are recycling! I was looking through a magazine today and saw some flip-flops who use old tires as the sole, Alicia Silverstone is a fan.
  4. lcterp, VERY good point!
  5. At least you wouldn't have to worry about using it in the rain.:amuse:
  6. LCTERP-- I had a pair of those YEARS ago.... like back in highschool over 10+.... I like seeing people come up with new uses for things that might wind up in a dump/landfill.... even so, the purse is not cute.
  7. Very interesting.....but not for me!
  8. so funny! i wonder if it smells like tire too. i don't think it's a bad concept at all because hey, tires aren't very environmental friendly and if we recycled them into purses:tup::tup::tup::idea:
  9. It reminds me of the "ducktape purse" for some reason lol.
  10. hmm i actually think i would if it was a style i liked-i like this idea of recycling old things into new goods
  11. Oh wow lol.
    I have to say i don't really like it though..
    But good idea!
  12. ^^ Now that's a nifty looking purse! :nuts: