Would you buy a bag if it does not have good resale value?


Dec 24, 2012
Since I became interested in luxury bags I found that I tend to avoid a bag if I feel/I am told it does not have good resale value. While I don’t think that bags are actual investment, and usually buy to keep, I like to keep the options open if one day I needed the money. Lately I am REALLY interested in bags but feel disappointed when I look at the preloved market and see that they can go quite cheap compared to their new retail price. I’m thinking of buying anyway since I really love some bags. I also thought of buying preloved but I a very paranoid about authenticity issues. What do you guys think?


Apr 21, 2011
I don’t care at all about resale value but to put it into perspective I’ve never sold anything nor would I ever consider doing so.

What I take into consideration far more than resale value is whether or not a brand has seasonal sales. If they do, I refuse to pay full price for them.

As for pre-loved, I can’t pass the mental block of imagining the bag being placed on a public bathroom floor or other icky scenario by the previous owner.


Hakuna Matata
May 25, 2018
I buy bags that i love and dont think about the resale value. when i did that once, i regret about it as i didnt really think carefully whether its useful for me or not. i would rather buy what i love and use it as much as i can. that way i can get my cost per wear and save me from future purchases.


Sep 5, 2014
I am careful about buying stuff and spending my money either way...so even if something doesn't have great resale value, if I like it I go for it. If it's an item or brand that has sales--then wait for sales. If you can find a pre-loved item that is near-new or new with tags, then the depreciation is your gain (but be careful not to be duped by a dishonest seller.)

Also, since I prefer to buy what I plan to use, a pre-loved well-used item from a brand that is supposed to have "high resale value" may still lose some value. So to me it is worth it just to buy what you like, and intend to use.


Sep 22, 2019
I buy because I love the bag and plan to keep and use it, so resale value isn't even a consideration. I do prefer to buy on sale, if possible. For me (and I'm only speaking for myself) if I'm thinking about a bag's resale value as I'm buying it, then I don't love it enough to be buying it.
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Jun 24, 2018
The Void
I never give a thought to resale because I don’t sell my items. Most of the bags I like are not at all popular. I tend to be attracted to less commercial and more artistic or unique pieces- so there’s really not much demand for them. There’s hardly any turn over in my collection.. I’ll just add a piece here and there if it’s really special.


Jul 31, 2009
When buying a bag, I primarily consider whether it is useful for my lifestyle, whether it fits my style, whether the materials seem quality and whether I like it.

However, for me (someone who majored in Econ in college), resale value tells me whether or not the market is dictating that the bag is overvalued by it's retail price. Also, a low resale value with many of those bags available on the resale market might tell me that a lot of people ended up not liking it which leads me to wonder why. I also like to look at used listings to see how the bag ages.

I'm someone who is not against buying pre-loved bags so I usually browse the pre-loved market before buying a bag in general.
Feb 21, 2017
I consider a bag like a pair of shoes or clothes. If you can get any money back by selling then you are ahead of the game. I also always buy preloved or on sale if possble. I just bought a bag that is like new, no marks, creases, hw scratches...nothing for 75% less than retail. For me persnally it would be foolish to waste that money simply to say it is "new. "


30th anniversary cuff
Aug 31, 2008
Sometimes I love a bag that has a low resale value like the Victoria 35. I also love the JPG fringe kelly which seems to have been universally disliked. Buy what you love from wherever you find it. If you amortize the cost per wear of a bag you love, a low resale value won’t matter.
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Crazy bird lady
Mar 31, 2013
There are 2 types of bags that I can purchase without thinking/worrying about resale value; a preloved bag that's cheap for what it is, and a forever peace. The latter one is something I really have to know, that it's something that will be mine forever. This is something that's really hard to know beforehand unless the bag is a memento of something special.
All other bags are going to have to convince me on so many levels.
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