Would you buy a bag at the store knowing it was a return from another country?

  1. The SA informed me that a HUGE Cabas in leather, from the fall season, is being retuned to the store. Actually it's in the store now... I saw it and tried it, but it is not available for sale as yet. They can't sell it until the woman who retuned it buys something new and she hasn't found anything she wants yet.

    The SA said this customer, who apparently spends a ton of money here (at the Chanel Boutique in this city, in Canada) actually purchased the bag in the States. She may have ordered it through the mail... I'm not sure, but she received it, discovered it was way too oversized for her. Our store, in Canada, is doing her a special favour and accepting the return even though it was bought at another store, in another country... because she is such a "great customer." That's the official story that was told to me by the SA, although I find it totally bizarre that they would accept a return like that.

    Normally I wouldn't think twice about buying this if I really wanted it, but after spending time on this forum, I have started to become very cautious, even a bit mistrustful of everything.

    Originally I was skeptical that it was brand new and never used, but that is a minor concern when I think about what I need to know to establish that it is genuine.

    I never purchase second hand because I love new and knowing it is authentic straight from the Boutique, but I do like this bag and would consider getting it if I were able to to establish it as unquestionably authentic.

    What should I look for and is the large leather Cabas even being knocked off? What would you do?
  2. I would buy it if it were in pristine, brand new condition.

    What is weird to me is that they can't sell it until she buys another?
    That sounds whack! LOL!
  3. Hi Jayne! If you are dying to get one then go for it!

    1) I doubt that Chanel would accept a return if it was not in genuine and in good condition. Just make sure the purchase is made in the Chanel boutique with all the receipts from Chanel (I had an experience at Hermes in Geneva where the SA wanted cash only and she cannot issue me any receipt... dodgy!)
    2) Secondly, this bag seems to be so hot, it's so hard to even get a hold of one especially the larger sized original batch (I tried calling Europe, US and Asia and there seem to be a waitlist everywhere!).
    3) The price is also better with the original batch versus the cruise line.
    4) If you want a large, sloppy designer bag, I think this is the one.

    Just make sure YOU don't think the bag is too large for you also... but then again you can also return it if that happens! :P Of course you can also consider whether you want the smaller cruise version (which I am going for since I am small and I have no access to the large, original version)

    Just to clarify Swanky Mum of 3, I think it is a Chanel policy about exchanges. I have received gifts that needed to be changed (size issues) and apparently until I find something to replace the exchange item, they cannot even display or sell the product in question... I think it's simply a logistic/sku count/operation issue.
  4. This one was in the back and not allowed out on display, so I think what you said makes sense.
    This is a new Chanel boutique within a store and I have very little faith in the SA's. The SA's at the freestanding boutique seem much more knowledgeable and certainly have been around a lot longer.

    By the time the woman finds something she wants, I may be on to a newer and better bag, so we'll see how long it takes. That purse may be sitting there all winter.
  5. Unfortunately, some stores, Chanel and others don't pay close enough attention to returns and look over them properly.
    I know people have gotten their Balenciaga, Chanel or whatever home and realized it was clearly a return.

    BUT, if it was a return and had obviously never been used and was immaculate, I'd dig it!
  6. Jayne, like you said, at this point in time it's a matter about timing! Who knows when the bag will be released... by then something new and better may come along! But if you still like it... it's still there waiting for you!

    What is meant to be yours will be yours eventually! :smile:

    Talking of bags, funny that this forum does not talk about Bottega Veneta? They have such great bags too...??? Strange.... I feel that they are improving every season and I love their shops! Great concept!
  7. I would buy it, BUT only if it were in excellent condition!

  8. :yes:
  9. If it were the last one and it was in like new condition, I would have no problem buying it.
  10. I have both Chanel and Bottega and IMHO, Bottega makes a far superior bag!

    I agree, it is odd that there is no forum for BV bags.
  11. Yes I LOVE Bottega... they have such great quality bags! Mmm... maybe we should start our own Bottega forum LOL :yes:

    What is IMHO?
  12. In my humble opinion. (I stressed the "humble" because my opinion is just that... )
  13. I C... sorry am very bad with abriviations... thought it may be another upcoming brand which I have not heard of ha ha :yahoo:
  14. there's not enough discussion about BV to warrant an entire Forum dedicated to it.
    We went ahead and gave Burberry one, it's actually discussed mroe than BV, and that Forum is DEAD as a doornail! LOL!
  15. it wouldn't bother me that it was a return, as long as the bag was in original pristine new condition.
    i was in the scp chanel boutique the other day, and there was a customer trying to return a cambon bag. i overheard the SA remark that the cambon had been clearly been used and that it was actually dirty inside. the customer claimed the bag had come to her that way. :wtf: i don't know who to believe (though it did seem the customer was just regretting her purchase), but regardless i admit i kind of thought they should not have accepted the return bc this less-than-perfect bag might be back out in circulation now.