Would you buy a 35 kelly in swift???

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  1. I have been offered a 35 Kelly in swift leather.....new color blue de prusse. Do you think that swift is too "smushsy" of a leather for a retourne 35 Kelly?? Thanks fellow enablers!:heart:
  2. Oh BAD person to ask, I LOVE LOVE LOVE a slouchy, smushsy kelly!!!!
  3. My credit card would leave my wallet so quickly that it would create sparks.
  4. Oh YES ! That is a fabulous bag ! Think jeans !!!!
  5. I have a 35 retourne kelly in swift and I LOVE it!! they aren't as big as it sounds.
  6. OH blue de prusse in swift? Do you by chance have a pic to share? I would LOVE to see this color in swift....

    Regarding your question: I went through this same dilemma recently trying to decide on a PO/SO.....the thread is called something like "are swift birkins lined in chevre" and people kindly posted pics of their swift birkins....found out that some of the newer ones have a chevre front interior panel, which makes them a little stiffer, but that generally a 35 in swift will be smooshy, more than clemence.

    So, if you like a smooshy birkin, this is a good choice. If you prefer a more rigid birkin, better not choose swift. Maybe choose blue de prusse boxcalf or togo if you want the BdP color.

    Let us know what happens! Good luck. :heart:
  7. I adore swift leather but don't like slouching, however if that doesn't bother you then go for it as swift has a wonderful texture
  8. Thanks Ladies! Sorry, I don't have a pic! It's not an order, they have it in the store. I love the way colors look in swift....so rich & creamy! I do like the look of a smushy Birkin but I have never seen a smushy Kelly. The 35 Kelly I have is in togo so it holds it shape better. I'm always open to new looks! BTW....that color is beautiful....sort of looks different depending on the lighting. It would be a great jeans bag wouldn't it??:heart:
  9. I'd buy it, love swift and this color is gorgeous.
  10. I love swift too
  11. I am not a swift fan but if you like it and like your Kellys squishy, then yes...it is a gorgeous, gorgeous color.
  12. YES!!! I love swift.
  13. What a absolute *Dream bag*.......Sounds magnificent!!!!!
  14. Love swift too! Sounds gorgeous!
  15. Yes, it would be a great jeans bag...because of both the color and the casual loook Swift will impart.