Would you buy a 1 year old an LV?

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  1. I was planning to buy my little princess a LV for her 1st birthday but unfortunately she spend her 1st birthday in the hospital and underwent minor surgery that we put on a hold on our LV present for her. As the last few weeks went by, I am now having second thoughts about making this purchase.

    Should I spend this kind of money on a small purse (mini noe, speedy or papillon) that she may not even like or just go ahead and get one for her anyways. I already bought her a LV CB pochette cles for her 1st Xmas.

    She is also getting a pair of diamond studs.

    So, should I make this purchase or wait until she is old enough to ask for an LV?
  2. IMHO: I would wait until she's about 4 years old so she can actually have some stuff to put inside.

    If you're planning on getting it for her now, I suggest getting a Mini Pochette. :tup:
  3. no way. she's ONE! i think at that point the present would be more for the parent's enjoyment to see their child with a highend purse than for the child themselves. a toy purse is perfectly fine.
  4. I have 3 kids and I say, no way Jose ;)
  5. I can't even imagine buying LV for a 1-year old! Please, buy her a book or a stuffed animal or a toy or a game (not a video game or computer game.) If you want to play dress-up with her, buy her some little girl feather boas and high heels and plastic tiaras, and then spend some time with her. Babies and children don't need pricey designer goods. They need time and attention and playthings that will feed their imaginations and help their growing minds and bodies.
  6. :roflmfao: I agree. Maybe I am confused. Your daughter who is a year old?
    If so, wait until she is old enough to understand and appreciate the designer.
  7. I dont have a kid but I am eyeing on the T&B mini pochette.. and think that I will hold on it till my little princess is born a couple of years later heee.. !!
    Heee.. why wait till the price increase...

    So I guess.. go ahead and get what your heart desires.. !! and u can use it to put her little goodies in it for now.. How great is that !!
  8. Personally I wouldn't..because I don't see the point. At 1 year old, they can hardly walk, let alone carry a purse. And she wouldn't have anything to put in it.

    I think if you really want to get her something designer, get her one of those Dior teddy bears :biggrin: heheh I saw them on eluxury..I want one too!
  9. I wouldn't, I understand your eagerness though I pushed some things too fast with my son but learned its better when they can appreciate them!
  10. I wouldn't, but if it's something you must do, then,....
  11. I would hold off until she's a little older and get her dress-up stuff with some toy purses. But if you really, really want to, expect it to get teeth marks on it!
  12. Hmm, I could see buying a mini pochette and giving it to her like ten years from now but I agree with a previous post...buy her books, read to her, play music for her. Those things are much more enriching for her. She'll just drool either way. But at least she'll be absorbing and learning something from the books/music/sound of mom's voice.
  13. I would wait till she is about 6 or so.
  14. There have been a lot of these topics and its always a source of debate.
    Just go with your heart and if you think you want to get your daughter an LV then do it, but let it be a keepsake that you hold on a shelf. I personally wouldn't do it though because I think she'd better appreciate a toy of some kind.
  15. There have been threads about buying LV for children that have turned a bit ugly in the past. I hope this doesn't happen again.

    I am only going to answer this from a practical standpoint. A one-year-old doesn't have much use for any kind of purse. I would wait until the child is a little older. By that time, she might decide she wants to be like mommy and have a purse of her very own. She can then carry little items in it like her pencils or a little comb and mirror.
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