Would you buy 2 of the same suit? or two blazers and one skirt?

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  1. In a recent purging of my closet I got mad and donated all my suits. There was something wrong with each and every one and I just wasnt in love with them.

    I have decided to have my suits custom made from here on out. I am a size 34DDD/34F bra, 33 inch waste and 43 inches around my hips. Clothing just wasnt made to fit MY body.

    Now my thought was to have two of the same suits made in different colours and then be able to mix and match them. Thinking a tweed, or houndstooth and then a solid grey or black to match. Or would you recommend two different styles of blazers with one skirt in the same fabric? (dont wear pants). Or two completely different colour suits that dont mix?

    other ideas are also welcome and very much appreciated!
  2. I have noticed that when I buy jacket separate (tweed/houndstooth), I can mix those pieces w/ dressy dark jeans, skirts, dress slacks etc. When it comes to suits, the jacket separate from it's suit counterpart just looks off. That would be my vote.
  3. Im not sure I understand what your saying I should do. I will have choice of the exact style I want for blazers since I am having them made. Are you saying dont get a suit at all?
  4. I'd go for 2 of the same suits in different colors...especially if one will be black or grey. You could probably wear a black suit several days in a row and everyone would just think it's a different suit so long as you change your shirt. And if you then throw in the ability to mix/match b/w 2 suits, people will think you have several suits!
  5. I own several coordinates (ie: skirt, pants, sheath dress, plus 2 types of blazers in the same fabric) and think it's a great idea, especially if you are getting it custom made to fit. I'm not sure how it would look if you mix and matched pieces from 2 suits of different colors... have you considered going for 2 of the same suit in the same color, but different textured fabrics?
  6. well thats a very nice idea i suppose i should do the same.
  7. I think I would get a suit in a neutral color like black or dark grey, and then another in a textured tweed/boucle for something different that has the black or grey in it. This way, you have many combos with just a few pieces. You can wear either complete suit, you can wear black/grey skirt with tweed jacket, you can wear the tweed jacket with jeans or other skirts/pants you may already own, you can wear either jacket over a dress, you can wear either skirt alone with a different top, etc.
  8. Yes. Because if it is neutral and classic, it is a staple.
  9. How often do you wear suits? They are my go-to outfits, so they dominate my closet. If you only wear them once or twice a month - I'd just get one suit with a coordinating jacket. If you wear them more frequently, I would purchase two suits with a similar cut - and similar fabrics. For example:
    Black and grey
    or Black with a black and grey houndstooth...

    That way, you could wear the jackets independantly, and wear the skirts without the jackets... or wear different jackets with different skirts.
  10. I agree.:smile:
  11. yeah i would!