Would you bring your new LV to a night club?

  1. So, I'm getting ready to go out. I have a few new things that haven't seen daylight and one in particular I am very anxious to use, my DH thinks that it's stupid to bring an expensive bag out to a night club but I do it all the time, Miroir Pochette and Sophie to name a few. I guess this would be the first time I would bring a bag well over 1k out with me to a night club.

    Thoughts, suggestions?
  2. I would Michelle, youd look amazing!

    But just be careful with it!
  3. Lol I wouldn't...remember what happened to your Miroir Pochette..hehe.
  4. Would it stay on your arm all night? Who are you going with? How much are you going to be drinking?
    These are all things I personally take in to consideration.
    Have a fun, safe time!
  5. Yea, I'll bring it too. But keep an eye on it. :yes: Have fun!
  6. Oh, that's true. I don't plan to drink THAT much though. I was wasted that night with my Miroir.
  7. it really depends what type of clubs you are going to. the only LV goes clubbing w/me is Perfo Cles, but if it's more of relax lounge, then it's whatever fits the outfit.:yes: Which bag r u considering?
  8. Bring it! As long as stressin about keeping it nice won't worry you and mess up your evening...and yeah, consider how much you'll be imbibing...don't want anything to happen to it now...

    But as long as it says on you or very near you the whole time, I think it's doable...?
  9. Your planning on the Dentelle piece arent you? hehe!
  10. Your miroir pochette also came to mind.

    The only LVs I've brought are my pochette, pap, and my musette. I don't like to bring big bags to clubs.
  11. Lol in that case you'd be fine to bring it. Hehe.
  12. Well, considering I set my bags down alone on the floor near my feet while dancing I would say no. I would just use my MC pouchettes for nights out like that.
  13. as long as it's staying on your arm the whole night, i would do it!
  14. No way I would wear a nice bag to dinner or Lounge, too many sticky fingers in clubs. Last time I remember this girls BF was going crazy in VIP looking for her LV bag someone stole.
  15. I only take my cles inside the club... my girlfriends and i usually put our purses in the trunk of the car. i've thought about taking my azur pochette... since it's small, yet fits a lot... but i usually prefer not to carry anything at all.