Would you bring your Chanels on a long trip?

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  1. i would leave all the valuables at home.
    that would help eliminate all chances of anything happening to you and your bags (getting ruined, targeted for pickpockets). since it's a new place you're travelling to, you can never be too careful.
    Plus, as others have pointed out....it'll be a great excuse to pick up a souvenir and take advantage of "cheaper" foreign prices! Have a great and safe trip!!
  2. Im sure ull be fine with them...and you dont want to miss them for 3weeks!
  3. Second that!!! I agree 100%!!!
  4. Okay this problem sounds very familair to me.
    I'm very attached to my bags, so I always find myself in distress trying to pack things for the trip.
    I usually bring with me, my messengerbag. That way it's comfortable and I don't worry much about it. And I bring an evening clutch. and one watch for every occassion and I'll do with that. I don't like it, but once I'm there, I'm glad i did it like that, because i don't have to worry about theft or other bad things that could happen to my baby's:tup:
    and don't wanna draw attention to myself with al my designer stuff on vacation... I bring some and leave the rest @ home....
  5. I've brought both my caviar and lambskin bags all over Europe and Asia! I don't tend to baby my bags, though. I just toss a dust bag over them, stick them into my suitcase and go.
  6. i always err on the side of caution when it comes to traveling with designer bags-- i've carried one of my chanels on a holiday once and i regretted it immensely, because i spent a bit too much time worrying if i'd ruin it! Whenever i travel is stick to my cheaper, hardier bags, that way if something happens, i don't feel so bad!
    Have a wonderful time on your holiday and hopefully u come back with some lovely new purchases :smile:
  7. I personally don't, esp. since you are going to Europe. The second to last time I was there, one of my mom's friends was pickpocketed, so you would have to be extra aware. The Chanel logos would probably draw more attention to you, as well.

    and OT: have fun on your trip!!!! Are you stopping by Greece as well? That's my absolutely fave country, after Italy and France.
  8. I'll leave it and buy something there.
  9. I am no help because I always end up taking my designer bags that go with the clothing I am taking on the trips. I hate to fuss over them, but I can't leave home without them.....
  10. i would leave her at home.....
  11. I would not take it. I also have the CC tote and the handles can become uncomfortable after a short time...also some threading is coming undone in the lower corner....to me it is not travel worthy.
  12. i wouldnt..because i really baby my bags and i would worry too much about them getting dirty, stolen, etc
  13. Definitely not! Don't be fooled, just because you are not in a third world country, pickpocketing and thieves are definitely around and a threat. I almost got mugged in Italy. Esp in tourist areas, which it sounds like you are heading there. I leave all jewelry and expensive bags at home. I assure you, it will cause unnecessary worrying and anxiety and not to mention a pain to take care while you're out and about for 10 hours or something.. carry a less expensive bag that won't draw attention.

    If you want to bring a Chanel, bring a smaller bag or evening bag for nights out but be discreet and cautious.
  14. I travele a lot around Europe and never had a problem with thiefs.
    Europe is not Brasil and it's not true that the danger of being mugged is higher here than downtown San Francisco.
    I live in a big german city and never had anything stolen from me nor have my friends and unless you're not hiking and getting your bags dirty you should be fine.
  15. Of course!! Why not?!