Would you bring your Chanels on a long trip?


Sep 18, 2006
Orange County/Taiwan
DH and I are going on a Mediterranean Curise in a few days for 3 weeks and I can't decide if I should bring my silver CC tote. I'm worried that since it's light colored it might get beat up more easily and the chain might not be too comfortable to carry... for 3 whole weeks. But I love my Chanels and it'll be hard for me to part with them, if you know what I mean!:P

It's been almost a decade since I last went to Europe and back then I was a student carrying my backpack (with a lock on! LOL) For those of you that are familiar with the CC totes, do you think it'll be easy to carry it around on vacations and also keep out the pickpockets? DH is even trying to convince me to leave my J12 home. Are we worried too much? Europe (esp. Italy) can't that bad... is it? :confused1:


May 20, 2007
Go for it! We should always use our best/prettiest things as much as possible. No worries. My husband is a pilot, so I'm always flying/traveling and I take mine everywhere.
May 3, 2006
I say take it with you. I don't think you'll have to worry about it too much. As long as the bag isn't too stuffed, it should be comfortable to carry. There are never any promises about whether or not the bag will get dirty though. Accidents do happen. :s


Jul 2, 2006
I Love London!
I say buy a new one when you are there, take advantage of the reduced price, getting your tax back and also buying it before the new fall/winter price hike!

A holiday souvenir!!!!


Mar 20, 2007
I say buy a new one when you are there, take advantage of the reduced price, getting your tax back and also buying it before the new fall/winter price hike!

A holiday souvenir!!!!
I agree!! Prices are better in Europe and it's a good opportunity to get something new, enjoy your holiday!!:yahoo:


May 7, 2007
You dont have to be worried using it on board .. but I would´nt take it with me leaving the boat for daytrips. I think it´s to much hassle around the boat with taxis fighting over customers and bustrips and so on that i don´t notice the pickpockers. Well, you usally don´t, but you unerstand :s.
Second, i wouldn´t want to use it as i went sightsing, climing up and down hills and stairs and everything else you do on holiday to see the sights.

Or if i for example were to visit the boqeria market in Barcelona. (I´m not only thinking about the nice smell of fish now :sneaky: ) but i would be afraid to get stains on it when ever eating something standing, and i do that alot, since there is so much lovely food around there.

Anyway, I would just go for a nice comfy bag which i´m not to affraid off and that holds everything i nead, including waterbottles, maps, books, camera and so on...

Hope you have an absolutly wonderful trip.


Jul 3, 2006
I would def leave it at home and t ake a practicle modest bag with me on trip so pick pockets wont target you. also you won't have to worry about it getting ddirty. At least if you get it dirty back at home you can go home and get laether cleaner to clean it etc, this will bem uch more of a hassel when ur travelling. Also throwing it around through airport scanning devices...I wpouldn't do it with such al ight ocloured bag as you don't know whats beeno n those rubber belts.

But i like the idea of buying a newe one while ur over there :biggrin:


Dec 9, 2006
I say leave it at home. You want to enjoy your trip so eliminate all possibilities that can ruin your vacation. Pickpocketing is definitely a real concern. Have a great trip.


What the VEEP?
Nov 28, 2006
at CrossFit
I agree with Mediana. Leave it at home since you're most likely going to be doing a lot of sightseeing (walking/climbing hills/picture taking,etc).

Bring a comfy bag but yet still get a Chanel while you're over there so then you can have two bags on the trip to use for different occasions!


Feb 1, 2007
I'd say take it!!! Such beautiful bag should be used and not kept in a dustbag!!! Life is too short, plus you'll get to take a tons of beautiful pictures with it while you're travelling!!!


I roam there4 I am
Sep 21, 2006
I tend to leave nice things (jewelry specifically) at home so as to not draw unwanted attention when I travel. I usually wait to buy something nice at the end of the trip as well (yes, things can go missing even while you are staying at top hotels). I've had some bad experiences with theft around the world so would never travel with nice things that are hard to replace anymore...having said that, my DH does have a very incriminating picture of me carrying a Gucci bag while riding a camel in the middle of the Sahara :graucho:. Not sure I would do that to my Chanel bags though!!


May 18, 2007
That's a tough call. I have a Cambon tote and it is my every-day bag. I have noticed that the bottom corners of the bag are starting to show some wear. If you don't think you're going to be carrying the bag around all that much while on your trip I'd probably bring a bag of less value. I know how hard it is to leave them behind...