Would you bring a high end bag to college classes?

  1. I'm in college, and I have a Coach baby bag as my school tote. Sometimes that's not enough (for showin' off) and I bring a Signature Coach or an LV with it. I love showing off my bags for some reason. LOTS of other girls at school bring designer bags, even though a lot are fake. Maybe THAT's a reason I like to do it!

    Well I just got a Paddington and cannot get enough of it. I want to carry it every day, every day - but I'll have classes three days a week. Would you carry such a bag to school?

    I could leave it in the car, hidden (even locked down with the key on ME lolol), but that's risky. It'll be fine with me in class though - I put the baby pad down underneath my school tote and handbag (if I have one) lol.

    I just worry the Chloe' might be a bit showy or worth too much, even though I've brought my used LV Alma (showy but worth less even new, although sooo coveted, natch).. but I also want to be able to use it after class when I go out doing errands, too. I hate bringing a wristlet around afterward lol (not good enough!), and I don't really carry the baby bag as a handbag. Hmm.

    Oh besides, the Paddington is so heavy and my school tote is even worse! Ahh. Waahh. Oh well! (Might it be better sans lock?)

    On the upside to the last point, I could really lose all the weight I've gained the past year quickly!

    So what do you think about bringing designer bags to classes, especially Paddingtons? Do any of you have stories (even stories about building muscle with Paddies lolol)?

  2. School is for learning, it's not a mall where you should be bringing your designer bags to "show off". imo, who cares what other girls are wearing to school, why are you competiting with them over handbags when you should be competiting with them over grades.

    Would you be carrying your paddington along with a backpack/tote? I think that looks so silly so nay to the idea. Leave the paddington in the car, locked in the trunk or something.

    Also you mention that lots of other girls bring FAKE designer bags to school and the Chloe is pretty understated (aside from the big lock) so while it's not really that showy compared to a mono LV or Coach, it's not appropriate for school.

    Just my opinion.
  3. Oh and I'm a college student as well and I would only bring a designer bag to school if it was functional (ie, totes that can carry my notebooks along with a light book or something).
  4. ^ ITA

    Unless it's functional.. I wouldnt' carry a designer bag... but I did go to school in nyc... i always saw girls walking around with really high end bags... and then they were carrying their notebooks and books and stuff.
  5. ITA with Jen.

    Plus if you're using it as a school bag, it's going to take a beating and I wouldn't want to worry about how careful I am with an expesive bag. It would be distracting.

    I'd take a much cheaper but equally cute tote or purse instead... not a high end designer one.
  6. i only take a designer bag with me if it:

    a) has function
    b) is not recognizable

    last semester i brought my balenciaga messenger with me, no one recognized it, but i liked that, i still got a lot of compliments but no one was like "ooh how much" or giving me jealous looks, which is how it should be in a college classroom. this week i might break my purse ban (and only made it 1/12 months! :p) and buy this bottega veneta messenger, once again, not very recognizable to the average student, yet when i get bored in class i just love playing with yummy leather :yes: and it's a messenger so very functional.

    the only thing i ever DO get worried about is having my bag stolen from my dorm. last semester i used extra sheets to cover my bag (and laptop!) when i wasnt in the room, that wasnt fun!

    i dont know about you, but anytime i see some girl or guy walk into lecture looking like theyre on Americas next top model, i just laugh. a lot of the time most students (myself included) dont even have time to really put together a chic outfit for a morning class we roll out of bed for (sweats and a campus sweatshirt!) a lot of people (myself NOT included) dont even bother to go to class showered, or go in their pajamas, so why bother with a designer bag, that not many people in a room of 500 will notice anyway? i save fashion fowardness for being home in nyc and sometimes my smaller evening classes.

    this semester i plan on using my puma bag, and really, thats all you need. but if you do decide to go with a designer bag, make sure its useable as a school bag and isnt too "look at me!" OR "steal me!"
  7. I always carry designer bags to class. I carry a laptop and a zillion books in my school bag and then there is no room for all of my stuff so I'll bring along a Balenciaga, or LV Speedy or something to carry my wallet, cell phone, makeup etc. I only own designer bags so that's what I use everyday. Just carry the bags you like and don't worry about what anyone else thinks of you!
  8. I would bring a designer bag only if it could fit all the stuff I needed for class in it. I think those girls that carry their small designer bags and have to hold their books in their hand look really stupid.

  9. i agree with everything you said in that paragraph!
  10. I would take mine. I have in the past. I buy them to enjoy, I don't worry about what other people think.
  11. i never carried my designer bags to class... but that's my personal preference. when i was an undergrad, i was always in a rush and carrying too many things... i'm sure my handbags would've gotten pretty beat up and dirty if i brought them to class. i already carried plenty with my backpack, anyway.

    besides, i don't care if other girls carry their higher end designer bags (real or not)... to me, it's not about showing off. i could care less what other people wear or carry.
  12. agree with Jen! as long as it's functional... and if you love it, wear it! why hide the bag in your trunk if that's the bag you've been using. Who cares what other people think?
  13. I never brought any designer bags when I was schooling.
  14. when i was schooling which is ages ago:crybaby:, i carry balenciaga black weekender OR lv classic mono backpack OR chanel big quilted black tote OR hermes tweed garden party OR hermes orange trim OR hermes black chevre birkin 40 w/GH (a gift from my mum which is originally hers, but she gave me coz' the size is too big for her petite figure).

    paddington, ysl muse all this haven't come out during my time in college.

    only big bags so that i can keep my hands free.;) hate carrying books by hand.:push:
  15. Carry a high-end bag to school only if you want to be noticed.