Would you borrow you bag to someone you know ?

  1. Ive just had this thought, would you ?. My little brother will be going Germany soon and I will not be offering to borrow him my Gucci duffle bag for the week nor would he expect me to and I dont think he would want it (hes not into labels like me). But I was thinking...ive had friends want to borrow bag and accessories from me and I allways say no. I dont want to be mean but I would hate for them to ruin it and you never know what your gunna get back. Would you or do you borrow your bag & accessories to friends ??
  2. Depends on the friend, and frankly(no hate from everyone please as I am sure this will offend someone)whether or not they have young children. I know it is hard to keep spills, etc, from happening, and I am just going to say, I am not willing to take the risk and be mad over something like that, since I am not the type of person to ask someone to replace something their kid destroyed. I have no kids, but all my friends do. That is why I have pen marks in my car, we have a huge scratch on our bigscreen...you see where this is going.
  3. no way!!!,I take good care of all of my things,and the only person I trust to borrow things is my mom. Also most of my friends that I have cant afford any of my accesories probably(They arnt into designers),they live in Forever 21 tanks,and target jeans. If one of my friends were to borrow a bag of mine and break it I doubt they will pay me to get it fixed,or buy me another one. I dislike borrowing money,and things from friends,and family.
  4. NOPE! had that experience, and I learned from it, some people don't respect your things the way you do.
  5. No, I would not trust them. They would probably get it all dirty or break it. I take very good care of my bags and they would not have the same "manner" as me.
  6. No..as careful as they can be, accidents can happen =\
    I don't think I'd ask to borrow anything too expensive from anyone either, I would be too scared of getting it ruined.
  7. no way.....
    the only person whom i let borrowing my bag is my mother.
  8. I would but they wouldn't want to cause they know if something happens to it, they have to answer for it!
  9. I wouldn't- I let a friend borrow a bag of mine once and she somehow spilled milk on it. The rotten smell lasted forever! gross!
  10. only my mother has ever asked... and i'm not sure i'd let anyone else borrow my stuff :shame: well my brother has my old beaten up ipod but i'm nowhere nearly as precious about that :lol:
  11. i have let my friends borrow my lv and my chanels.. they're really close... and if i want to borrow their bags, they would let me.. i also let my cousins borrow them.... but i will only let my mom borrow my future birkin :biggrin:
  12. I've had problems in the past with old roommates and the such, I did have one co-worker many years ago borrow a bag, and it came back the same condition (thanks, chelsea!). I would definetely let my Mom or my MIL borrow any of my bags, they're more careful than I am! But no others....
  13. Hrm... For my close friend probably I'll lend her some of my things. I can trust her to take care of my stuff
  14. no, no one else is allowed to borrow my bags...similar to what others said, you don't know if what may happen.. i get pissed when i get something on the bag and it is mine, and i am guessing if it happens with someone else who is borrowing the bag, i would also be pissed so just to make sure i dont get pissed at anyone, i don't let anyone borrow my goodies..
  15. Only my mother can borrow my bags.