Would you block a bidder w/ 0 feedback who's only been on ebay 1 week?

  1. I'm selling a Fendi I've had around for awhile, and started the bidding low, which has generated a lot of interest (thank goodness!). But the most recent bid is from a user who's less than a week old, and has bid on 29 other designer sunglasses/purses. Should I block this bidder and cancel the bid? I've had such a run of bad luck with NPB's lately....is it worth it? Or could I just end up ticking off a legit eBayer?
  2. I would have been suspicious of this myslef until I had someone bid on my Mulberry Roxanne a couple of weeks ago who had 0fb and had only just registered. They ended up winning and paid within minutes of auction end!

    The problem with eBay is the lack of verification by eBay so we are all so wary of getting stung
  3. Yeah - eBay is for the pits, lately. It's doing nothing but dissuading me from continuing...do you think I ought to let it ride? There's over a day left on the auction.
  4. Can you post the ID and I'll have a look for you
  5. Sure - ebay ID is cnhouseshows - thanks!
  6. It looks to me like someone who just really likes Fendi, they've been outbid on a few and also lost an auction so don't think they are wreckers
  7. Okay - cool. Now, how are you able to find items they bid on? I'm just getting bid categories, but not items??
  8. Go to advanced search and search by bidder ticking the box including last 30 days transactions
  9. Brilliant! Thank you so much! Okay - so if you were in my position, you'd just let it ride?
  10. Yeah I would, I'll bet they get outbid anyway. They seem to be bidding very low on everything
  11. Thanks, Mooks! I appreciate the advice!
  12. Anytime, I'm a bit of an eBay veteran so there isn't too much I haven't come across.......LOL!!!
  13. I would. I state no zero feedback bidders in my auctions. And I wont deal with bidders or sellers who have been on ebay for a short time.

    I have had a couple of zero feedback bidders email me and ask if they could bid. If they do that then I allow it. On 2 occasions both girls won the items and they paid right away. The fact that they were courteous enough to ask rather than ignore my no zero feedback statement says alot.

    I realize we all had to start on ebay with zero feedback. But too many new ebayers think its a game. I dont have the time or patience to deal with them.
  14. What I do with zero feedback bidders is email them to make sure they really want the item and know how ebay works, if she replies and sounds OK will leave her bid in place if she does not reply I cancel their bids and block. Also if the item I list is high in price I say must have more than 5 feedback
  15. i agree with Saich2. i just recently started buying off of ebay, and have like 4 feedback right now, but i always pay for everything, through paypal, immediately after the auction is complete. if those ppl i have bought from rejected a bidder w/no feedback, there's no way i'll ever get anywhere. everyone has to start somewhere. if you think the person w/low feedback will win, just email them and ask how they plan to pay, etc and explain why you are checking. if they are an honest buyer, there should be no problem!