Would you bid?

  1. Hi everyone! I want to ask your opinion on a bag that I've been watching on eBay. IT has an sku number written inside the interior lining of the zip pocket and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Does this sort of thing bother you?

  2. nope... not at all if I got a great deal...
  3. Also, who else would know?
  4. Doesn't bother me a bit!
  5. If I like the bag and it's a great deal, I don't mind...it won't bother me, especially since no one will even know that it's there.
  6. Hi,
    This bag is more than likely an older bag purchased at an employee sale. They no longer do that to newer bags and i believe the numbers are to let employees at stores know that it was purchased at an employee sale therefore its not to be returned or exchanged. I think you should be good. If it bothers you don't buy it. MPO:yes:
  7. It doesn't bother me one bit! I have a couple of bags (purchased at NR or on eBay) with prices written in them. I just wish I lived in Arizona and could snag some of these amazing deals!! :girlsigh:
  8. it wouldnt bother me if it was a good deal. no one will see it but you.
  9. Wouldn't bother me either. Just keep that pocket zipped and you'll forget it's even there! :smile:
  10. Actually I believe these bags are coming from Nordstrom Last Chance Outlets.
  11. ^^You mean there are Nordies stores that have even better prices than the Rack stores?
  12. someone said in the other thread that the seller wrote that 1 in because she pairs 149.97 for it, haha.
  13. Really? Hmmm ok. I didn't know Nordstrom could do that? :shrugs:
    Well, hmm i'll keep that in mind. Thnx. :smile:
  14. They use their NR and NLC stores to sell customer returns that cannot be resold in the retail store due to use (or abuse).
  15. oooh...ok. :yes: : Note to self.