would you bid on an auction if the seller sent you conflicting photos of the bag?

  1. i'm not sure if this issue has ever come up, but currently there is an auction which i would like to bid on eBay. there is only 1 photo featuring the front of the bag and it looks authentic. i asked the seller to send me pics of the back side, to which she did right away. but then she also sent me pics of the front of the bag which did not match the picture in the auction. i have e-mailed several times asking about the pictures and if the picture featured in the auction is the exact bag that i'll be receiving. but she never answered and so i am debating wether to bid on the item or not.

    what do you guys think about this weird seller behavior?

    thanks for your advice.
  2. I don't think I'd bid... sounds pretty iffy...
  3. why don't you ask the seller to verify? and just tell the seller that it seemed different and see how they respond? it could be a mistake...
  4. yeah, i've e-mailed her and through eBay asking wether the pics she sent me were of the ones for the auction or if she has another purse as well. it just confused me, but it's been like 3 days and she hasn't gotten back to me. i don't know if she's ignoring my questions...
  5. hmmm it does sound a bit fishy....
    just see if you can bid for another one...
  6. she might have mixed up the pictures?? or she's too afraid to respond to your questions.
  7. wanna post the link on here? i personally wouldn't, i'm already having a problem of my own of returning a fake and i wouldn't take the chance!
  8. Sounds a bit fishy, but she might of got her photo's mixed up or have 2 of the same bag?
  9. Sounds like she is using a stock photo on the listing. You have to really watch that. I bought a bag over the weekend and right after I purchased it the seller put it back up with the same photo. I emailed immediately to verify I was getting the exact bag I bid for and she confirmed yes, but that she only takes pics once of the first bag she lists and then uses it as a stock photo for the rest of her auctions. I felt like telling her that with Tokidoki it's important that the buyers understand that she has a stock photo being used (because no where on the new listing did she mention she was using a stock photo.) I've encountered several listings this week for sellers using stock photos. Pretty much, unless they say in their listing that the bag pictured is the exact one you will receive, I would confirm with the seller before buying if you're picky about placement. I know there was at least one Vacanze Gioco and another Vacanze Zucca up on eBay last night where the seller is using stock photos because she said her camera is currently broken.

    If the seller is not responding, I personally would pass it on by and wait for another deal. Unless it's a super rare, or a super cheap deal, something better will come around.
  10. for me no matter how much i want an item, if the seller is being noncooperative towards me there is no way im giving them my money ;[
  11. It's a real shame when sellers don't put decent pictures of bags on from the outset but if the pictures she has sent through don't match and it doesn't appear to be the result of a picture being taken quickly then I would stop being interested in the bag...that's just me anyway.
  12. I passed up an auction recently whereby the labels on the photos contradicted each other. It really looked like she'd taken photos of two different bags and picked the best ones. The bag didn't sell for it's reserve so I'm guessing others passed up too.
  13. The lack of response is a big red flag for me!
  14. I would pass. I just recently begged for pics from a seller who promised to post them, but didn't. I figured if they're non-responsive before the sale, then what will they be after....worse!!
  15. Yeah, vanillacreme, that screams shadiness to me. angelic might be right about the stock photo thing, but it also could be a stolen photo/photos. AND the fact that they're not responding..if they don't get back to you before the auction's over with a GOOD excuse...shadyshadyshady.
    Also, they may need to be educated on the importance of placement on tokidoki bags :lol: