Would you believe this story if it were told to you?

  1. Here's some background. My iPod Mini needed to be fixed, and this guy on Craig's List said he could fix it for me. Well, I stupidly gave him the iPod and he stood me up at least 3 times when he was supposed to give it back to me. This was in April. I emailed him several times with no response. Finally, I get this email from him today. So my question is: do you believe his story??? I don't ...

    Here's what he wrote to me:

    No, I will have to pay you back for it. The truth is, I got evicted from my house by the Sherrifs and in a rush to get as much of my stuff out as I could, I left your Ipod in the kitchen drawer. My wife, my daughter and myself have been homeless all summer but are hopefully moving in to our new place today. The situation was so crazy and I was so embarrassed I figured I would email you once I got back on my feet. That was inconsiderate and I should have just told you the situation. I can refund your money or find you a like model to replace it. I'm sorry, but that is the best I can do.
  2. It's interesting! I would lean to yes! As it is not easy to tell this. He is offering to get you a new one or give money back... take it and hopefully he will do so.
  3. That's crazy. I tend to believe that there is good in everyone though. I think I'd believe him. Afterall, he did contact you.
  4. Well, he only contacted me after I emailed him for probably the 10th time.

    I tend not to believe people who start out their emails with "the truth is ..."
  5. I don't know about his story...but at least he will be paying you back for it...let's hope!
  6. I don't know. I'd be skeptical too, but how will you ever know for sure. Maybe once you have either an new ipod or the cash in your hand it will be a little more believable.
  7. Sounds like a pile of BS to me. The dude seems like he might have tried to jack your Ipod.
  8. Im not sure, sounds bougus but COULD be true... if it were me, I would go off on him... Make sure you either get the money or Ipod back ASAP!
  9. My first reponse would be thinking that he is trying to get rid of you, my second guess is that a lot of peculiar things that I had no control over have happened to me in the past so why would he be any different?

    I'd say give him another chance. If he doesn't show up, track his IP address, print out the emails and report him to the police for theft.
  10. I think he's telling you a long, sad story so that you'll get off his back. He threw in the part about his family being homeless and just now getting back on their feet so that you'd feel charitable and say "don't worry about it."

    BTW, I also like to think there's good in everyone, but this story is just too much.
  11. sounds weird.
    could you report that?
  12. Did you threaten legal action or anything like that in any of those 10 emails? To me, it sounds like he tried to take your ipod but then got scared for whatever reason and made up some intense sob story.
  13. i think it's bs personally. people use craigslist for all kinds of scams. i'm sorry. i hope he does right by you but seeing as you had such a hard time for even that response i think getting another is unlikely.
  14. Sounds like a big fat lie! Tell him, yes you want him to pay you for it and see what happens.
  15. I believe he stole your iPod. It is probably long sold to somebody else and he is going to string you along until you give up. The thing that tips me off is that he has been homeless ALL SUMMER, and is moving into a new place today, but today he has time to respond to you? I think if he were really moving into a new place with his wife and kid, he would be a little too busy to respond to you at this particular time. Plus, anybody who plays on your sympathy is probably a con artist since people who are above board have no need to do so and would know it is innappropriate. He probably hopes that you think he is no longer at his old address just so that you don't try to look for him there. I would give him one chance to send you the money for it (all the money, no partial payments), and if he doesn't, time to file a report. He is likely running this scam on a large scale, so he only responds when he feels he must, which is why you haven't heard from him until now. I really do hope I am wrong about the situation, but it sounds like a scam to me.