Would you be worried if your mechanic told you this????

  1. Last night, I picked up my car from having it serviced. I work late hours so I asked them to park it on the street so I can take it home after business hours.

    I put the car in drive and the hand brake and regular brake was'nt not in use. The car always moves when it's put in drive with no brakes. (I was'nt on a hill either.) So I put my foot on the accelerator but it still did'nt move. I pushed harder and BANG!! :wtf:

    The car jolted and there was this feeling that i'd run over a huge pot hole, but I did'nt. It was late so I drove 15 minutes to get home.

    When I got out, I could smell burning rubber.

    I definatly did not have the handbrake on while I was driving so I'm guessing the mechanic stuffed up the brakes when they tightened them.

    I rang them today and they said: "Take the car back to us, but drive slowly. Call us if there is a problem while you're driving. Otherwise get the car towed to us."

    WTF???? I put my car in for a service and they suggest I get the car towed? Plus, it sounds like I'm burning my brakes thanks to their service. I have to get on a freeway to get back to the mechanics-far out...how slow do they expect me to go?

    Grrr!!! I had to vent!:hysteric:
  2. O_O

    I would be!
  3. They'd better be doing this service for FREE!

    I wouldn't have even driven the car any further, but luckily you made it home safely. Let us know what happens!
  4. If they don't get it right this time can't you always take it somewhere else & that company that made the mistake pay for it? Yeah, I agree they better be doing this service for free & if you do need to tow it they should pay for that as well..it was someone's stupidity that works in that company. Keep us posted!
  5. :wtf: I hate mechanics......and this is why. I always feel that if you are a woman they will try and F you over. I really hope you make it back there okay. Keep us updated on what they have to say about it.
  6. I hate to say it but mechanics always try to screw us girls over. I am so mad just listening to your story. He better pay for everything!
  7. Omigosh! They need to send over a tow for your car, you needn't handle this!

    Did you pay via credit card?
    I'd call and ask hte to hold it until the service is complete.
  8. Sounds like they messed up somehow. You shouldn't have to pay to get it towed.