Would you be willing to pay a small fee to get access to exclusive RM deals?

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Would you be willing to pay a membership fee to get access to exclusive RM deals?

  1. Yes I would

  2. No I wouldn't

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  1. A hypothetical question for you ladies! Would you be willing to pay a small membership fee of say $10 per year to not only be a member of RM's fan site but also to gain access to exclusive RM deals? The fees would not be for the purpose of profit but would be more for site maintenance and to keep it top notch! =)

    I am coordinating the Rebecca Minkoff fan site and I am working towards getting it up and running. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see what my fellow RM junkies had to say about paying a small nominal fee. Are you totally down for it, since you would have access to exclusive deals, or are you totally against it?

    Please share your thoughts with me and feel free to be brutally honest! I'm just seeking opinions and I value yours greatly! :yes:

    Please vote and tell me what you think! It would help a lot! Thank you in advance! :yes:
  2. heck yea! if it means having access to exclusive stuff...i'm down!
  3. For exclusive deals, it's definitely worth it! It would be a lot less stressful looking for great buys if we had special access. :tup:
  4. If it means a site without ads and maybe exclusives, I'd definitely pay $10, maybe more.
  5. sure - $10 a year is not that much and would probably be totally worth it.
  6. If the deals were truly exclusive then yes $10 is nothing in exchange for what we'd be getting in return. But how would they stay exclusive? Couldn't people just share codes and info at other free sites such as this one? Sorry not trying to be a downer, just making sure I understand.
  7. ^I think that the exclusive insider deals would be restricted to members only.
  8. ^^Gotcha!!! Well count me in!
  9. Okay, awesome! Let's see how this poll plays out! :woohoo:
  10. if it was truly exclusive and restricted to members only as you mentioned, I would definitely pay the $10. It might also be a good idea to limit the quantity one member can purchase... to avoid the buy-resell mentality.... IMO....
  11. I vote for yes...but it really depends on what kind of deal that we are talking about..If I can find better deal somewhere else, I will feel upset for paying $10/ year...even though it's minimum, but it's a matter of principle...So, it has to be something special (maybe better deal on straps) that you can't get somewhere else...
  12. I will definately be willing to pay $10/yr if the deal is really exclusive!
  13. 100% yes!!

    Think about what other things you can spend $10 on? Give up one piece of over priced cheesecake or an order of sushi and your RM membership is paid for.

    I love discounts : )
  14. Duplicate sorry.
  15. I'd like to add, I'd probably pay $10 even if it was just a fan site. I'd consider any exclusive deals a happy bonus :smile:
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