would you be okay if your friend got "your bag"?

  1. Pettiness comes in many forms, but is petty to be a bit more than peeved when a good friend who supposedly knows you very well, buys a bag that you've made your own? In my case, it was the MJ "Stam" bag. I know he makes a bunch of different versions of it, but in essence, it is still a Stam bag no matter what. I was the first in my group to covet it and call it my own this past February. I intended to add to my collection with his other variations, but my individuality has somehow felt compromised and undermined by my friend's ignorance, who doesn't even appreciate MJ half as much as I do (not even close) nor does she even care to know who he is. All she knows is Lindsay Lohan has the same bag and that she LOVES it.

    Would you want to own the same bag as your friend?? The reason I'm asking this is because she has made me feel like my annoyance at the fact that she totally stole my bag is an anomaly solely credited to myself and no one else. :confused1: Please tell me this isn't so, even if it is a little petty.
  2. I'm not going to tell you what you want to hear because I think it is silly for you to feel that way. I'm sure THOUSANDS of people own the same on you do. MJ sells his bags to everyone. If my friend bought the same bag I had then I'd take it as a compliment. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

    I remember I knew this one girl who thought leopard print was "her" print. And if an accquaintance of hers wore leopard she would make some snide comment about them "copying" her - like she invented leopard print! It was ridiculous! Leopard print and bags of any style are for everyone to enjoy!

    I'm sure lots of other people will disagree with me, but that's just my take on it! I hope I helped a little. :smile:
  3. Absolutely!!!!
  4. i have to agree with you:yes:
  5. See, where as I would feel alittle weird if my friend bought the same bag. Especially if we went out together and were carrying the same bag. BUT on the other hand, no one has a claim on any one bag, so she's allowed to buy what she wants. I have to side with the original poster though in that it would annoy me a bit. I have to think though .. if my friend had bought a bag that once I saw I totally loved and I really wanted one too ... would I not buy one because she already had one? I'd still get it ... but try not to wear it when I know we'll be together.

    Good thing none of my friends are into designer purses!
  6. It wouldn't bother me one bit, I'm actually TRYING to get my friend buy a bag, she likes mine but doesn't like the price tags. My daughter though (she's 18) will not carry/wear anything unless she is seen with it first (among her school friends). I think that is absurd but maybe it's just a teenage thing!
  7. Its absolutely alright for my friend to get the same bag as me, we have different styles anyway...
  8. I think you're making too much of a big deal about it. Who cares if she doesn't appreciate Marc Jacobs???!! Does it really matter that she doesn't care who Marc Jacobs is? She's still entitled to buy the bag if she likes the style.
  9. I totally agree!! :tup: It's not worth stressing over and worrying about. If she's not really into MJ, she'll be over the purse in no time. Plus since you :heart::heart::heart:the bag, I'm sure it looks better on you anyway! ;)
  10. It wouldn't bother me. One of DH's friends recently saw my new Prada bag. She e-mailed me a few days later asking if I minded that she bought the same one. I was surprised that she asked, but I appreciated the thought. Ultimately, lots of people walking around with the same/similar bag, I just enjoy mine :yes:
  11. If you want a bag to be "yours" it's probably not a good idea for it to be an "It" bag. A lot more women than your friend are buying this bag. So yes, I think this is petty.
  12. personally, i would not get the exact same bag that my friend is carrying. i don't know why but i feel awkward being seen with the same bag as hers (as if i'm copying her style or something like that). so, usually before buying, we discuss our choices and if she's getting a particular model, i will pick another. after all, since we're such best buddies, we can always exchange our bags, right? :tup:
  13. Ehh I wouldnt mind.

  14. aww thanks guys.

    personally i would not get the same bag as another (close) friend. and i wholeheartedly agree w/ u guys. I got over it and bought her something from MJ to make up. =) Just wanted to get an outside opinion.
  15. I hate to admit it but I would hate it. I would have to be more forgiving if it was a classic bag, like a speedy or birkin but if it was my signature bag, I wouldn't appreciate it very much.

    There are a TON of brands and styles of bags. I would have to look at it as copying. I get a lot of my bags online and they are usually from previous seasons so the chance of that happening is rare. I feel like my motivation to do that comes from my fear of a close friend "copying" my style...*embarassed*