Would you be offended if...

I wouldn't give a hoot if someone bought the same bag as mine.

I buy the bags I love and I figure everyone else does the same. So big whoop if someone else buys the same bag as mine. Sometimes when I have gone shopping with family members or friends, we end up buying the same items because of similar tastes. It's no big deal. In fact, I'll get excited for them if they are buying a bag I have that I am crazy about.
Lol get it just don't carry it to work, I guess.
My friend ALWAYS copies my bags though..she never compliments them or says a word about them, just shows up with the exact same bag the next time I see her. In that case, it's really annoying.
I think I would be a bit bothered at first, but if you bring it up with her first, then it'll probably be ok. In the end, no one can control which bag YOU like and if you get it.
i wouldn't be offended at all... however, some people may feel differently about it.

kinda reminds me... one of my best friends recently purchased the exact same bag that her sister owned. in fact, she called her sister while we were at the mall contemplating on whether she should buy it or not, and asked her approval. her sister didn't mind one bit. in fact, they even carried the same bags when they came over a couple weeks ago. i thought it was cute! they get along well and are pretty close too.