Would you be offended if...

  1. Your BF at work bought the exact same purse as you?

    I really want this purse that I helped my co-worker find but I dont wanna take away her fun. She has had it sitting under her tree for a month. I don't necessarily need to carry it to work. I do have my Coach Business Bag for work plus my gym bag. So I could just get it and not bring it to work?
  2. offended, nah.

    maybe just casually throw it into a conversation and see how she feels..."gee, i love your bag so much that i might just get one for me". and gauge her response.

    but, of course, if you love it, get it!
  3. i wouldnt b offended,ill tell her she had GREAT taste. =]
  4. You are talking about the legacy tote in whiskey right? It is such a gorgeous bag. You could always personalize it with charms and a scarf to make it more personal. If she's your BF, I'm sure she knows how much you love the bag!
  5. No offense at all. I agree with I Chanel - just tell her she has great taste:smile:
  6. Yup the Legacy in Whiskey...

    I actually talked her into it, thinking I wouldn't be able to afford it, but a little elf left me some Coach Money and now I can afford it. I think I will get it and tell her in a few weeks about it. Let her bask in the glory of her new purse. I know how awesome that feels and wouldn't want to take that away from her. I just wont carry it to work for a few months.
  7. personally i would be offended, but it all depends on your r/s with your BF. i have this friend who buys every single thing that i own, so much so that i don't dare to use my new stuff when i'm around her. it annoys me so much!
  8. I wouldn't be offended at all. I know some people who do though. I'm usually not offended at stuff like that.
  9. I wouldn't be offended at all!
  10. Theres one or two people I would be flattered by if they bought the same as me, but otherwise I would feel pretty awkward if a friend bought the same bag as me. Bags are my thing, I don't spend on clothes or suchly, so bags (besides myself of course!) make me stand out from the crowd, and I wouldn't carry my bag if a friend was carrying the same and then would probably be annoyed at that. But thats just the anal, complex me.
  11. Under normal circumstances, something like that would put me off. However, seeing that you are the one who helped her find this bag, I think it's perfectly fine. She knows that you liked it even before she did. It's not like you are trying to copy her. This was your baby first - she just happened to get it before you did. I really think she will be fine with it.

    Have you considered talking to her about it?
  12. If I were you - I'd get the bag in a different color. Several of my friends and I have similar bags - but if we buy one another already has - we try to get a different color of fabric.
  13. I wouldn't be. Sometimes I even offer to pick one up for her! That way when she has one I love she can't tell me no.
  14. Not a bit!
  15. I wouldn't be offended! I'd be excited and insist that we go out being purse twinsss!