Would you be more likely to buy a LV bag if...

  1. it had the same name as you? :nuts:

    I remember one girl on here is named Alma and people were saying she should get an Alma bag just because of that.

    Kooba has a bag with the same name as me, and it was featured as an "IT" bag in some magazine, too bad I thought the bag was ugly. :p
  2. That is pretty funny. I guess I would be interested to see if I would like a bag that was named after me.
  3. i would but only if it was LV
  4. Is that your daughter in your avatar?
  5. I think I would, but I would have to like it first. ;)
  6. I probably would,lol
  7. No way!:lol:
  8. Maybe...:sweatdrop:
  9. I would.
  10. Only if it was cute and a style I could see myself carrying. I wouldn't just buy it because it had my name.
  11. ^^^

    although i would WANT to!

    coach has sunglasses with my name, but i don't care for coach or the particular sunglasses, but when i see them i'm still a little sentimental. /dork!/
  12. One of the bags in the Dentelle line has the same name as me. Too bad that I don't like it.
  13. Only if I liked it :yes:
  14. Nah, I wouldn't just for the name. I like things because of what they look like and how they would work for me. I'm not rich enough to spend money on something just cuz it has the same name as me.

  15. ^^^

    :yes: :yes: :yes: