Would you be happy with this? Quality issue

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  1. I was hoping so some advice for my cousin who recently mail ordered a caviar jumbo, she just received it in the mail and we're both looking at the bag and aren't quite sure if it's a good one as I've seen her on TPF some members receiving bags with quality issues.

    The main issues are some of the quilting being slightly flat, the bottom left hand corner seeming a bit indented and the zipper on the inside being a little slanted. Is it just natural because of the leather and process of making the bag or should she send it back/ contact Chanel?

  2. The only thing I see is the slight squish of the corner. Not a "quality" issue per say because this can just be due to storage, packing etc. However it would probably bother me , and it obviously bothers you if you're asking so I would just exchange.

  3. It was sent quite well but if it did have that squish would that be from prior storage and could that change or come out over time?
  4. Stuffing might help, but since it's new you shouldn't have to correct it or "live with it". That baby should go back IMO.

  5. Thank you :smile:
  6. If it bothers you then return it because you should never settle when luxury items are involved :smile:
  7. On my original jumbo hunt I saw many poor quality jumbos and rejected a few with flattened quilts. It won't get better so I would exchange.
  8. i wouldnt be happy with it and would do an exchange
  9. I would exchange/return. I'm especially picky about my classic pieces because they are the ones I care to be PERFECT. it shouldn't have been squished, and I see what you mean with the zipper being slanted/titling up at the end - poor workmanship.
  10. I'd exchange and let the SA know that you're looking for a bag with puffy quilts, pretty black leather and no defects. It's darn hard to get a perfect bag but if the SA knows you'll be picky, they will be pickier with what they send you.
  11. Thank you everyone, we messaged the SA and she's going to return it for a credit note to use :smile: we didn't know if we were being too picky.
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