would you attach a chain onto a First to wear it messenger-style?

  1. i've been considering this.. do you think it's just too odd?

    i'm thinking of a slim tarnished bronze chain to hook onto the O-ring and strap-clasp, to effectively lengthen the strap so that i can wear it messenger style across my body..

    it'd make it much easier to carry and get around with, plus this way i'd worry less about keeping it unmarked by use (and bumping into things etc)..
  2. I know this is a really DUH answer, but I'd say if it looks good and it's comfortable, why not? :smile:
  3. i have no idea on the chain, but if it looks great, then why not?
  4. I LOVE this idea, as long as the chain is removable, I would try it out - and post photos!
  5. Hmmm....this gives me an idea about my Stam chain! Will go try on my Rouille First! :nuts: