Would you appear on a reality show?

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  1. And if so, which one?

    My co-worker and I said we would appear on that show "Tough Love", but without having to live with a bunch of other women.

    Since we are both 35 (successful careers, educated, live alone and have beautiful apartments) and can't seem to find a decent man here in NYC, maybe that guy knows what the heck is wrong with us.
  2. No, I wouldn't. Basically because my life as a whole, isn't exciting enough to follow! LOL!

  3. But the producers would make it exciting LOL
  4. LOL! They would have their work cut out for them!!! Going to work and going home, cooking dinner, watching TV, piddling on the computer and going to bed. Woohoo!!! Weekends = laundry, horse shows, grandkids.
  5. Thinking about the job that I have right now and how the pay rate would be much better. Hell yeah. It would be fun to have fifteen minutes of fame.
  6. That depends on the type of reality show, but generally, no flipping way. Those shows are all about making those people look as crazy and stupid as possible. I would never allow anyone to damage my reputation in exchange for money, nor would I want to be associated with any of the people on the reality shows I've seen. The exception would be something like Chasing Mummies. I'd kill to be able to do something like that. :smile:
  7. only show I would go on is Amazing Race.
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    Well, you can hire him without having to appear on a reality show, but if that's what you prefer, then go for it. My concern would be having your future dates judge you to be someone who was the result of harsh editing.

    Here's a link to their matchmaking services.. http://www.mastermatchmakers.com/
  9. Nooo! I wouldn't trust the editing and I wouldn't want the bad press that might follow. But if I was someone else and I could pull it off, I'd do it. I really love those Real Housewives series, and that's the only one I could see myself on that someday, haha...
  10. I'd probably go on that Bad Girls Club... I would LOVE to teach these petty bishes what a real bad girl is. Or the real world. I wouldn't audition but it's fun to think about.
  11. nah, my life isn't all that exciting.

  12. LOL. I would never pay someone to match me up. I would just like him to tell me, what I am doing wrong when it comes to men. I love the episode when the women are on dates and have an electric shock on them, so that everytime they say something wrong he pushes the button to shock them.

  13. Oh, yes, me too!! That would be such a great experience.
  14. They do that too! :smile: They call it coaching.
  15. only if my husband wasnt on it, since theres that reality show curse!!