Would you alter a bag to your liking?

  1. Hi everyone. A couple years back I was looking for a basic evening clutch and found a cute one that had a sterling silver chain handle. It's nice cuz it has real diamonds on the clasp. But it also has the initials of the designer (Sonya Bitton...she does stuff for shopnbc.com, which is where I got the bag from...). Anyhow, I find that I really don't use it much because I don't like the initial thing. So I was thinking of having someone remove the initials...though, would it take away from the bag and the original design? I hate to alter a bag, but I find I don't use it much because of it. The initials are also diamond encrusted, which is probably why it cost me $700 for the bag. I don't know, it just bugs me. When I do use the bag, I tuck away the chain and just use it as a clutch, but I would like to use it over the shoulder sometimes too. Anyhow, just wanted to see what someone else thought...TIA!

  2. Judging from the picture it would probably be pretty easy to just open the links and take out the ones with the initials, then connect the opened links together and close up the chain -- it probably wouldn't even cost very much if you had someone do it for you.

    I've altered a bag to my liking. My Michael Kors open tote had one of those straps that goes across the middle and fastens with a magnet on the other side. I hated it! Luckily, the way the bag is constructed I could take the strap out without affecting any of the stitching on the bag. I grabbed a seam ripper and had that strap out in about twenty minutes! :yes: You can see the strap in this picture I found on eBay:

  3. I say if it will make you love the bag more then go for it. Just make sure you keep the letters in case you decide later you like the diamonds!! I think putting them back on later would be easy too... just find someone who wont mess up that pretty bag.
  4. I agree with Fox Monkey, that the initials themselves look easy enough to remove. I've altered bags I got from eBay, and also evening bags that I damaged by accident, but loved the shape of too much to toss out.
  5. I've done that. :shame: I once bought this denim bag on sale at Bloomies, the tag is Marc Jacobs, but I got it pretty cheap. Anyway I like the denim, but the strap was way too long for me, I don't like messenger bags. So, I took scissors to it and tied it in a knot. I've been using it like that, but I really need to come up with a more "finished" solution.:confused1: This is a great bag though, since I can take it to the beach and throw it in the washer and dryer afterwards.:yes:

  6. Cool Foxmonkey. I see the strap you are talking about on your bag. Do you like it much better now that it's gone? I think I'm going to give it a shot...it's definitely not hard to do. I'm sure even my jeweler can do a little snip and make it work. Thanks!!! :yes:
  7. Thanks happypursegal. :yes:
  8. Good job ol' creative one. =)
  9. The initials would bother me too. I'd take it off!
  10. I know, right! Come to think of it, why did the designer stick her initials on there anyway?! I really think it just takes away from the purse. She could have done any other charm with diamonds on it and it would have been pretty. Oh well...who am I to tell a designer how to design. lol!
  11. I agree with the responses above. REMOVE THE LETTERS! If it'll make you like the bag more, you should definitely do it. Plus, nobody in the world will have a bag just like yours, then :smile:
  12. Not my LV's I won't even buy a used one unless is was LE
  13. About the only alteration I've ever done to a bag was to punch an extra hole in the strap to make the bag fit over my shoulder better. Otherwise, I just wouldnt mess with anything.
  14. I've altered bags before, added zippers where there was a snap, lengthened straps that were too short and have loved the bags more for it. If you don't like the initials remove them.
  15. If you have a good cobbler in the area, he will have the right tools to take the initials off and tighten the links securely.